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RChilli is fabricated with a theme of becoming world’s number 1 in processing resumes and extracting the direct or indirect values of the Resumes.

We deem that every resume has hot information. The person who is evaluating it needs that eye to haul out the relevant segment.

Rchilli is committed to look for that particular information and craft the things to an extent that you can see hidden, visible, implied and core value of any resume.

We conceptualized this product in year 2005 and did research with inputs of
12 recruiters, 61 HR Managers, and 70,000 resumes to generalize the database.

With debates and idea evaluation, we set up the road path for Rchilli, where we initiated an innovative idea which will facilitate HR Department, Recruiters, SME, MSME, and Enterprises in one go.

The main challenge was to keep the cost under control, and still deliver the best product. Based on the explorations from IIT, Research institute of India and Mathematics of Fuzzy logic, we decided to opt for the combination of 3 techniques which will furnish us with performance as well as accuracy by keeping the cost lower, without compromising with the quality.

Our selection of idea conformer is a variety of SME, MSME, Startups, and Enterprise. We made sure to cover the pain areas of these sectors and that is the only reason we have clients from Startups, SMES, Fortune 500 and industry wise its split of IT, ITES, Manufacturing, Pharma and many others.

We are working on the dream of providing Quality business solution in a cost effective way. We are expert in one theme which is we can Process resumes in worlds best way.


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