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How HR Analytics Enhance The Hiring Process?

In 2020, data plays a crucial role in knowing where you stand in the competition. These days, it seems like nearly everything is powered by data.

Recruitment analytics is the route to introduce a data-driven hiring process in the organization......

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Fifth month of the Year, May is here. The month devoted to the Greek Goddess Maia, May embodies the concept of GROWTH. Growth is what we all strive for today. So why not have a look at the latest HR Events that aim to bring forward the parameters.....

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Money is in the People For New-Age HR Startups!

The success of HR startups like Talview, PiQube, Zeta , Belong , Mettl are bringing in better methods of Recruiting. Almost 235 HR startups have had in 2015 and capped $50 million in investment only. For 2016, the numbers have multiplied.....

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Employee Engagement For Workforce Sustainability

At some enterprises, engagement seems to happen naturally and at others, it is uneven and difficult to sustain. Unengaged employees drag down your enterprise, which can cost millions of dollars in lost productivity, and higher turnover.

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How Predictive Analytics Simplifies Recruitment?

Technology keeps on introducing new tools everyday. With the advent of internet, a small piece of information is readily available and accessible to everyone. Even businesses understand the value of this information boom. They have aligned their.....

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