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Hey! Are you attending HRTechTank?

On August 23, 2017, HRTechTank is kicking off in Southeast Asia. The venue has arranged; entertainment is scheduled; Speakers and Sponsors are engaged and early adopters are ready to explore the new technologies.

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“Everyone you will ever meet knows something that you don’t”

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Best of the Best, HR Trends 2017

There is still time left for us to enter into 2017,  but social media has already gone berserk about the HR trends. There are plenty of them online, don’t know which one is relevant and would come true. But the Industry thinkers and predictors are.....

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What Next? Aftermath 19th HR Tech Conference

19th #HRTechConf, Chicago just got over and left us with so much to do on Talent Acquisition. For those of you, who didn’t get the time to catch-up with the event, here’s a sneak peak:

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Recruitment Software for Effective Recruiting

Recruiters are facing major challenges when it comes to acquiring talent and finding the right ones. Whether it is about making calls, reaching candidates through Social Media, capturing information, arranging interviews, setting email campaigns,.....

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