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Best of the Best, HR Trends 2017

There is still time left for us to enter into 2017,  but social media has already gone berserk about the HR trends. There are plenty of them online, don’t know which one is relevant and would come true. But the Industry thinkers and predictors are.....

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Where is Social Recruiting going now?

Social Recruiting is not going to be easy in coming days. Well, you can read columns like top 10, biggest 7, do’s and don’ts blogs easily on net about social recruiting, but rarely any post tells you about the right mix to be adopted in your.....

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Social Analytics and Resume Enrichment

With each passing day, the year 2017 is coming closer, and HR already has started planning, budgeting, and strategies for the year next. Soon we will be flooding up with the posts on trends 2017 related to this -and- that, and what of Recruitment.....

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Why Your Recruiting Software Should Be Social

and they are able to adapt as their industry changes. This change happens all the time in recruitment, as the dawn of the internet keeps changing the game. True enough, old, traditional recruitment processes are quickly being replaced by updated,.....

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Social Recruiting- A Must-have for Enterprises

Social media has got all the means to get you the next job eyed upon but only if you’ve made your online presence strong enough to be considered for the post. Social hiring is the latest trend these days and not just mere a buzzword.

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