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Recruitment Optimization: Making Things Easier

Let’s play pretend. Imagine being a recruiter of a large recruitment firm. You meet your client – a large, multinational corporation with businesses in several industries around the world. They set out their preferences for their candidates, the.....

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Redefining Applicant Tracking

you need a magnet to attract candidates but how will that be possible amid distractions from other companies to snatch the same talent.

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The IOT : Innovation Hub


IOT For Hiring and Recruiting
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Semantic Search for Recruiting


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For Applicants; Resumes Dos and Don'ts 2015

Recently we came across, a very interesting piece of infographic that must be shared with jobseekers to avoid resumes and CV pitfalls. The infographic talks about Do's and Don'ts succinctly while preparing resumes and how changing it increases.....

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