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RChilli helps staffing agencies to find the right talent with
its AI-powered solutions.

How Does RChilli Help Staffing Companies?

Save time on recruiting 

Save time, increase efficiency and boost productivity of recruiters

Parse resumes to find best match 

Find a quick match in real time

quality hiring 

Provide quality recommendations to your users

Parse resumes to find quality talent 

Empower your users to fill up vacancies quickly

Parse resumes in real-time 

Parsing resumes in real-time promotes smart talent acquisition

Global hiring 

Expand your capability for global hiring

What Does RChilli Offer Staffing Companies?

bulk resume parsing

Fetch resume data in bulk

Enrich resumes

Enrich your resume database

Parse resumes from emails

Parse resumes from multiple emails

multilingual resume parsing

Parse resumes in multiple languages

Automate CV data

Automate CV data update for better recruiter experience

RChilli solutions for staffing companies

Get a wide range of automated features

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