Plus on-demand Analytics that gives CV insights.

Plus on-demand Analytics that gives CV insights.

Analytics to give you CV insights

As we condense and analyze large volumes of CV data, we can draw relevant conclusions or actionable items that can have impact on your business keeping your Industry and usage in mind. Now with information like these you can sift through the job candidates in a compelling way and ignore the irrelevant information. This saves loads of time and manpower usually involved leading to higher efficiency.

Illustration- You can design a complete scorecard for an ideal resume and match every incoming resume with its standard. Then grade them as per the information clearly mentioned on resume which is a must otherwise. For example

  • Structure- 3
  • Layout & formatting-2
  • Content (Specific) – 2
  • Customization – 1

Now mechanism like these if already in place can work wonders for your Resume Management. When it comes to resumes you just rely on us!