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The Most Trusted Partner for Parsing, Matching, and Data Enrichment for Global Recruitment Platforms.


RChilli is offering an exceptional experience to its customers by being future-ready for all upcoming demands. Read this article to know more about its unique features...
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gr8people and RChilli Integration

How RChilli helped GR8 People in having a consistent and scalable mechanism to get fielded data from a resume?...
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HR Tech for Easy Recruitment

Do you need some tips to save yourself from candidate ghosting? Stop for a while and see the magic here...
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Our blogs you can be proud of

Search & Match Engine to Simplify Recruitment

Post COVID-19, our organization arranged a recruitment drive virtually. A week full of workload. But in that week, I realized that a perfect candidate often remains hidden because HR professionals aren’t searching for the correct keywords or job titles. 

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Resume Parser & JD Parser: Perfect Solutions for Easy Recruitment

Don't you feel that the world has undergone a seismic shift in the past few months? Almost overnight, the needs of organizations have changed drastically. Have you ever imagined in late 2019 that a large part of the world would be under voluntary lockdown? 

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Customer Speaks (Sharedpro)-3 Amazing Benefits of Working with RChilli


As RChilli completes 10 years in the HR tech industry, we feel proud that we are serving 1600+ customers across 33+ countries. Many Fortune 500 customers such as PhenomPeople, Hitachi, Wipro, GR8 People, work with us.

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RChilli Celebrates its 10th Work Anniversary, Grab Special Offers


We feel proud to announce that RChilli is celebrating its 10th work anniversary this month. It is a special moment for us because when we look back, we see 10 years of success, trust, customer satisfaction, and innovation.

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Use resume parser to make your recruitment software hire smarter.

 A decade back, when I was in my last year of graduation; I still remember me and my friends were attending a seminar arranged by our university on how to write a perfect resume. These were those days when students thought that buying expensive paper to print your resume will be enough to...

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What our clients say

“Working with RChilli has been a wonderful experience. Our team is impressed by its consistent, round-the-clock customer support.”

Gr8people Team

“Because RChilli works with major enterprises, we do not have any qualms about using their product. We feel safe and secure as RChilli follows the best industry standards.”


“It is great to work with RChilli. Their resume parser is very easy to use and implement. We are looking forward to having a long-term association with them.”

Michael Howard
CEO, TargetMyResume.com