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By dev

March 12, 2024

What is Resume Parsing? How Does CV/Resume Parser Work?

A Résumé parsing technology converts an unstructured form of resume data into a structured format. A ...

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By Asha A

February 2, 2024

How Performance Management Software Boosts HR Productivity?

Are you looking for cost-effective ways to enhance the productivity of your HR department? If you are looking ...

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By Navjot Kaur

January 25, 2024

Top 10 HR Tech Events of 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of HR technology, staying updated with the latest innovations, HR tech tools, ...

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By Navjot Kaur

December 1, 2023

What Is A Multilingual Resume Parser?

Are you a recruiter, HR manager, or hiring executive? Do you receive resumes/CVs in several languages? Isn’t ...

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By Navjot Kaur

November 8, 2023

AI and Skills Taxonomy: Empowering Employee Reskilling

How is AI & Skills Taxonomy helping in reskilling the workforce? Wait! Isn't AI taking away jobs? These ...

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By Navjot Kaur

August 28, 2023

AI Won't Replace You, Someone Using AI Will

Curious about AI's impact on careers and industries? AI isn't here to replace us but to empower us, ...

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By Rohini Sood

December 14, 2022

What does RChilli bring you this Christmas?

Another year has flown by. We saw significant growth in 2022 & this year unfolded considerably ...

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By Aanchal Sharma

November 24, 2022

Automate Resume Screening-Solve Candidate Ignore Problem in Oracle HCM

Unbiased recruitment hurts not just the company but also the talented professionals. Candidate ignore is a ...

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By Dean Mathews

November 2, 2022

How Does HR Digital Transformation Help You Reduce Business Costs?

With economic uncertainty and changing employee preferences, HR teams face the dilemma of acquiring and ...

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