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  • Scalable
  • Reliable
  • Fast


  • Build your recruitment solution faster.
  • Scalable Resume/Job Parsing solution.
  • Experience working as a partner, not as a vendor.
  • Intelligent
  • Multi-dimensional
  • Synonym matching
  • Quick shortlisting of candidates in the database.
  • Automated job/candidate recommendations.
  • Intelligent multi-dimensional matching.
  • Pre-integrated
  • All-in-one Platform
  • Marketplace
  • Monetize your current CRM solution by giving add-ons.
  • Ready to launch own marketplace.
  • Unlimited opportunities for data partners.

The Most Trusted Partner for Parsing, Matching, and Data Enrichment

for Global Recruitment Platforms.

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Intelligent Solutions For

Resume parsing for ATS/CRM


  • Use the three-step process to onboard clients quickly. 
  • Fields extraction for amazing candidate experience.
  • Enable powerful & intuitive searches, and get a perfect match for job and CV.
  • Enrichment Marketplace for Recruiters to use enriched candidate, jobs or other information.
  • Get more value through add-ons.





Resume parser for Job board


  • Web Application–Fields extraction for amazing candidate experience.
  • Enable on the fly profile creation.
  • Taxonomies to tag your candidate profile in the database with enriched skills and job titles.
  • Get job/resume recommendations for candidate & recruiter.
  • Add updated/latest resumes to your database by adding candidates’ social profiles for recruiters.


Resume parsing for Enterprises


  • Enhance your Recruitment solution with RChilli Parsing/Matching/Enrichment API.
  • Provide a positive candidate experience with fields extraction.
  • Data Migration with VMS.
  • Enhance candidate information (skill, job titles) into your database through taxonomies.
  • Show shortlisted jobs to candidate and jobs/candidates to the recruiter.



What People Say

Andrew Kelly

Technically A Director at EmptyLemon, UK

“We made the investment to enhance the internal recruiter experience by matching candidates to the roles they have advertised on EmptyLemon. We chose RChilli as the parsing component to separate out the key information in our pool of 467, 000 CVs; it is then used with matching software Actonomy.

Rupak Thummala

Chief Product Officer, Vultus Inc.

"What once was a relentless task to review individual resumes by hand was quickly relieved by the arrival of Resume parsing software that greatly reduced the workload expected of many recruitment firms. We have looked at the other parsing solutions over the years and found RChilli Resume parser to have the most accurate technology with fast processing time. They are a great partner."


ServiceDott Team

"The Team at RChilli has been great and they are quite prompt with their support. The parsing tool has good capabilities along with being cost competitive. Working with the ever-enthusiastic Vinay Johar has been a great experience."




Gr8people Team

“Working with RChilli has been a wonderful experience. Our team is impressed by its consistent, round-the-clock customer support.”


Huan Ho

CTO, Rallyteam

“Customer service and support at RChilli have been fast and outstanding. Whenever we have queries, the team addresses them immediately”.


Michael Howard

CEO, TargetMyResume.com

“It is great to work with RChilli. Their resume parser is very easy to use and implement. We are looking forward to having a long-term association with them.”

Dr. Vaisagh Vishwanathan

Co-founder and CTO

“RChilli is very easy to use and implement. Also, their customer service is responsive whenever we have issues. Their support team is our go-to and there isn’t a problem they cannot solve.”

Sudarsan Ravi

CEO, Ripplehire

“We’re quite satisfied with the speed and support of RChilli in managing resumes quickly and efficiently.”

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