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The most trusted partner for parsing, matching, and data enrichment 

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Resume parser

33+ Countries 30+ Languages Fast 300ms Parsing Speed

Resume parser API


Quickly parse resume/CV and job data into 140+ fields.

  • Any source/format
  • Any platform
  • 30+ languages
  • No latency
Semantic search & match engine


Get perfect candidates in a fraction of time.

  • Semantic search
  • Smart scoring
  • Shortest time to hire
  • Superior candidate experience
Data Enrichment Marketplace


Launch your own marketplace and easily connect multiple apps.

  • Create your own apps
  • Integrate your APIs
  • Enrich your user data
  • Create your own workflows 

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resume parsing api

Benchmark Your Resume Parser

RChilli meets the major benchmarks you must consider while choosing a resume parser. RChilli 8.0 empowers users to work with AI and machine learning technology. Highlights include 140+ data fields into which the parser can extract resume data; more modular and simplified JSON structure; ontology-driven fields, and the capacity of processing 3 million resumes per day.

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Customer Speaks
impress.ai uses RChilli's resume parser

“RChilli is the most reliable, fastest, and easiest to integrate parsing solution.

-Sudh, CEO, impress.ai


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Berkshire uses RChilli's resume parsing api

“RChilli responds immediately to every query. It has an excellent work culture.”

-Manoj Tiwari, VP-Business & Product Dev. Berkshire Associates

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GR8 People parses resumes via RChilli's parser

“RChilli is extremely responsive, reliable, and flexible to work.

-Chris Cella, VP-Product Management, GR8 People

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RChilli's resume parser for GR8 People
,Parsing Software for Phenom-People
RChilli + impress.ai trusted partnership
Berkshire uses RChilli's resume parser
PeopleStrong parses resumes using RChilli parser
Hitachi uses RChilli's resume parsing API
RChilli's CV parsing for ramco
Emory-University uses RChilli's resume parsing software