Let’s Simplify Resume/CV Automation

Parse resumes


Parse resumes with the HR XML certified Resume Parser which has exclusive capabilities to extract 100+ fields from resumes, auto-populate them into specified forms, and send direct output to your database. Multilingual, high performance Resume Parser API.
Social recruiting


While parsing candidate’s resume, we can source available Social Media profiles of candidate even when not mentioned in Resume/CV. The social media information is displayed distinctly under the Social Tab so you can efficiently gain a clear picture of the candidate as a whole.
Semantic matching software


Semantic Search floats the closest resume, profiles matching your set criteria. Semantic Matching Technology enables you to offer competent technology already offered by Dice, Monster or any other ATS or Job Board
Resume enrichment


Having a huge stack of old resumes but of no use or value, then considering us can add new value to your business. We update your passive resumes by mustering most current information about them, with latest information

Why Rchilli?

ATS/CRM/ERP Product Companies

  • Automate Resume Insertion via email/candidate apply page using RChilli Resume Parser
  • Provide Social fields into your Application, along with other resume fields. Give a social touch
  • Completely white label the solution.
  • Integrate with your web or desktop solutions.
  • Easy integration and faster responses.
  • Free technical support and easy upgrades.
  • Compatible with C# .net (for desktop applications).
  • Integrate any programming language viz. Java, Cold Fusion,, PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails, ASP, .Net etc. using SOAP/HTTP Get.
  • Flexible payment plan for a win-win situation.

Job Sites/ Job Boards/ Career Portals

We help Job sites / Job Boards/ Career portals to add cv/resume parsing/analysis functionality to increase the input of resumes and better customer satisfaction at the employer level.

  • Reduce the resume submission process to 10 seconds from 15 mins.
  • Add a new feature of automated CV insertion into job portal / Job Board.
  • Completely white label the solution.
  • Integrate in less than 30 mins.
  • Free technical support and regular upgrades.
  • Integrate any web-based scripting language viz. Java, Python, JavaScript, Cold Fusion,, PHP etc. using SOAP or HTTP Get
  • Complete flexible payment plan for a win-win situation.
  • 72+ parsed fields and 4+ analysis fields, 6+ Social Recruit Fields, ready for use by Job Board.

Staffing Firms

We help Staffing Companies to automate the Resume reading and storing process using Resume Parser.

  • Saves hurdle of Resume Data Entry.
  • Process 15000+ resumes in one hour.
  • Extract Resume information and make Boolean search more efficient.
  • Reduce Resume screening process by 80%.
  • Touch base with even last candidate in resume list and get the best talent.
  • Pay as per your requirements.
  • Picks resume from Email, Desktop, or Web folder.
  • Save directly into your database, ERP, ATS, SugarCRM, Salesforce or Desktop or any sort of application.
  • Option to save resumes as per location or category.


Resume parsing for Rooster HR
Pega parsing resumes using RChilli
Resume parsing for ADP
The HR Manager uses RChilli Parsing solution
Parse resumes for Talcura
Hexaware parsing resumes with RChilli
Ramco parses resumes using RChilli
Resume parsing solution for Wipro

About the company

Rchilli gives you the next level of resume management; complete automation in managing resumes (fetch, Parse, store), Connecting to candidates social profiles & empowering you with Search and Match technologies to skim the entire resume database in just One click to get the best candidate on job. Plus on demand Analytics to make your Recruiting look more advanced, easier and proficient keeping the fun part intact. An efficient solution for Staffing and Recruitment software’s to escalate hiring, lower costs and provide quality as competence.