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Social Profile Search
Adds fuel to your Social Recruiting strategy by providing you profiles from social media in respective order viz Twitter, Fb, G+ and Linked in accounts. Information is parsed into various fields like first name, current place shown under candidate’s profile in social tab.

imageEnhances your Recruiting intelligence by leveraging social media to get the best-of-breed for organization.

imageShowcase your employer brand among probables in a highly effective manner.

With this you can hire, engage and attract the best talents available through social media. Validate your information before recruiting and skim through candidate’s profile quite efficiently like never before. Social recruiting let’s you find the best candidate as per organization’s cultural background, diversify the candidate pool and imprints a strong employer brand in market.

image Parser picks the email, first name & last name combinations, place and other statistics from resume and searches for online profiles created on websites like linked In, Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

image It fetches the complete profile details provided, name, image, sex, age, place, current company and other vital information that can make your hiring proficient.

image Information mustered is then shown under social tab with distinct classification.

image With extensive penetration of Social Media in Recruitment, we simply can’t ignore it. If you go by the current scenario Linked In is the favorite amongst recruiters followed by Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

imageKeeps your cost low and provides a little extra info about your prospective candidate.

imageYou get the ideal fit as per Culture, Social and other factors concerning organization.

imageIt helps you validate the info on resume vis-à-vis available online via different profiles.

imageEscalates your hiring and help you closing more jobs in less time.

imageHelps you to promote Organization Brand and attracting top talents to work with.

RChilli Social Profile Search is a feature available as an add-on with the RChilli B2B Web API and as a Stand-alone product as well.

This innovative social profiler is available as a volume based model with per resume pricing.

Contact us if you’re looking to parse a high volume and we can offer a custom model fit for your business.



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