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Customer Speaks

Here are some of our clients we have the pleasure of helping.

Make Us a Part of Your Journey
2020-10-23 (1)
resume parser for berkshire

At RChilli, we give the foremost priority to our customers. This is the reason why we share an amazing relationship with our clients.


Berkshire Associates is an awesome partner and we feel happy that they can deliver an awesome candidate experience by using our resume parser.   



Resume parser for impress.ai
We share a lovely association with impress.ai. We are glad that Sudh, CEO-impress.ai, saved his valuable time for us and talked about the beautiful usecases of how they are using our resume parser.

We count it as our achievement that our customer could achieve a higher ROI by using our product.
RChilli's resume parsing api for gr8people

The greatest satisfaction in business is customer satisfaction. 

RChilli is committed towards delivering quality service to its customers. We feel proud that our customers trust us and consider us as their partner and not just a vendor. 

GR8 People is one of our prestigious customers. Here are the reasons that make GR8 People trust RChilli.