All You Need to Know About RChilli’s Enrichment Marketplace

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It’s time you realize the power of social enrichment for hiring the best fit. Quality candidates can be hired only if you have authentic and updated information about them. This will help you in making the right decision based on their qualifications and experience. 

To avail such services, recruiters have to purchase solutions from multiple third parties/software companies. Integrating with various platforms is easy to look like but one has to manage updates and changing version of API.

Just imagine what if you do not have to deal with these complications and manage all activities together. How about getting all these services at one platform?

Sounds interesting!

Yes, RChilli offers a unique platform called ‘Enrichment Marketplace’.

What is Enrichment Marketplace?

It is a common marketplace for both developers and end-users where end-users can create workflow of multiple apps of developers.

How Does Enrichment Marketplace Work?

  • The platform invites service providers to create apps which can be subscribed by the end users.
  • End users can use this service directly within their workflows. In other words, the end user is creating a customized API by using multiple services other than just RChilli.
  • RChilli will combine the results of all apps and provide the same to the end user.

Enrichment Marketplace Benefits:

  • Apart from subscribing to apps, end users can also get relevant candidate information from their social media profiles.
  • The platform is economical for end users. They do not have to invest in multiple partnerships which means less money will go out of their pocket.
  • With one-time integration, the need to integrate with third parties separately is eliminated.
  • Developers can get connected with clients on this platform and sell enrichment workflows to them. Thus, forget about struggling to acquire new clients.
  • ‘Enrichment Marketplace’ provides a transparent service. Developers get an option to manage clients and their usage from the dashboard. Clients can also view their apps and logs. They can also track their app details by using multiple filters.

Making social enrichment a vital part of your recruiting process is gaining popularity. Getting it along with other services at one place will surely take recruitment to another level.

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