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Why You Should Choose Our Enterprise-Grade Resume Parser

resume parser accuracy 


Accurately parses resumes/CVs into 140+ data fields with an average speed of 300ms.

skills taxonomy 


A detailed library of Skillsets and Taxonomies for better finding of
candidate skills and expertise.

multilingual resume parser 


Parses resumes in 40+ languages* namely English, German, French, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese etc.

AI resume parser 


Deep learning/AI framework that identifies complete information from resumes.

GDPR compliant 


We’ve launched a new update to our parsing API keeping the GDPR guidelines in mind.

Easy to integrate resume parser 


In just 15minutes, integrate RChilli parser into any Job-board or Application. 

resume parsing api 


Parse Resumes effortlessly via MyAccount web API and provides desired output as JSON in return.

Scalable & configurable resume parser 


Meet high volume requirements
using Dynamic Scaling, Auto-Load Balancing which supports Multi-threaded parsing.


How Does Our Resume Parser Help Your Business?

CV parsing method 

Candidates can fill profile in less than 10 sec

resume parser to save time 

Save employees’ time in internal referral

CV parsing for Unbiased recruitment 

Remove unconscious bias through configurable fields

scale hiring operations 

Get structured job data from job feeds to scale operations

parse resumes quickly 

Get resume data from emails in less than two seconds


Parsing in real time

Resume parser API converts unstructured data into 140+ fields in real-time

JD parser

JD parser processes job descriptions in real time through an agile API

bulk import

Bulk import

parser for email integration

Email integration

Easy to implement parser

Easy implementation

Resume parser for diverse hiring

Highly configurable

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Polish
  • Korean
  • Portuguese
  • Turkish
  • Dutch
  • Japanese
  • Russian
  • Romanian
  • Danish
  • Indonesian
  • Swedish
  • Italian
  • German
  • Chinese(Simplified)
  • Arabic
    (Right to Left)

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CV parser ATS



Make Your ATS Better, Faster, Stronger With Amazing User Experience


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Resume parser API for jobboards


Deliver Amazing Recruiter And Candidate Experience. Improve Candidate Conversion By 194%

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parsing api for staffing companies


Experience The Power Of Our Solutions And Manage Resume Data With Ease

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resume parser for enterprises


We Add Value To Your Existing Recruitment System And Speed Up Your Hiring Process

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A resume parser is an AI-based software that converts an unstructured form of resume data into a structured format. 

It is a technology using which you can process resumes online. The parser extracts the data in an intelligent way into various data fields and delivers the structured data.

These data fields can be education, experience, skills, contact information, qualification etc.

To sum up, a resume parser can organize and analyze the resume data much faster than humans, bringing automation in your recruitment process.

Though ‘resume parser’ is a commonly used term in the HR tech industry, it is also known as ‘CV Parser’, ‘Resume/CV Extractor’, ‘Resume Extraction Engine’.

A resume parser performs parsing of a resume by extracting the resume information in data fields that can be stored in an ATS (Applicant Tracking System). 

A resume parser API brings automation in the way you screen resumes. It is the perfect replacement for the traditional way of screening resumes for a job profile. It also saves recruiters’ time from manual resume data entry. 

If you are looking at simplifying the recruitment process for the recruiters and candidates, you must use a resume parser API. You can be:

  • Jobboard
  • Enterprise
  • Applicant Tracking System
  • Staffing Firm

It depends upon which resume parser you are using. The RChilli Resume Parser can parse resumes in DOC, DOCX, PDF, RTF, TXT, ODT, HTM and HTML, DOCM, DOTM, DOT, DOTX.

  •   Auto-fill data fields from candidate resume on your candidate apply page
  •   Complete candidate information from scanned resumes and through emails
  •     Allow chatbots to ask relevant questions to candidates through structured resume data
  •     Improve search results by indexing its taxonomy ontologies to Solr/Elasticsearch
  •      Configuration of data fields available for a bias-free recruitment
  •       Bulk parsing of resume feed imported from a partner site
  •       Real-time duplicate check at the time of data entry
  •       Simplify the internal referral process with a single resume upload

It depends upon which resume parser you are using. RChilli resume parser can parse resumes in 30+ languages. The parser automatically identifies the language of the resume and extracts the data. With this multilingual support, the recruiters can get quality candidates from across the globe. 

Let’s share the working of a resume parser with the following steps:

1. A candidate visits the career page of an organization.
2. He/She applies for the job by clicking on the ‘Submit Your Resume’ button.
3. The resume is uploaded to the company’s ATS
4. The resume parser reads, analyzes the resume and extracts the candidate data from the resume.
5. The parser sends the structured data in the form of data fields into the company’s ATS/CRM.
6. The recruiters can quickly shortlist candidates based on the structured information and find candidates who match the job position.

A resume parser should never store the data that it processes. 

RChilli never stores the data and personal identifiable information that is sent to its SaaS Cloud parsing services. 

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Does a Resume Parser store data?

Customer Speaks

One of the core values of RChilli is customer delight and loyalty. We promise to provide an incredible experience to our customers by keeping ourselves future-ready and offering timely and assured services. We feel delighted that we are fulfilling the expectations of the companies who are associated with us.

Jim Klien
Jim Klien
Sr. Director-Technical Solutions, Phenom

Phenom has always invested in its customers, and we are glad to have found a partner like RChilli who is committed to providing customer delight and loyalty.

Resume parser for Phenom
CEO, impress.ai

RChilli is the most reliable, fastest, and easiest to integrate parsing solution.

Erika Clifford
Erika Clifford
Co-Founder - Just Recruit

The response rate of RChilli is incredible, which helps us to resolve our queries.

CV parser for JustRecruit
Michael Yinger
Michael Yinger
CEO, Resume Sieve

RChilli has the capacity to make us grow as it has other products in its toolset that are complementary to what we want to offer to our customers.

CV parsing API for Sieve
Alex Kovalenko
Director of IT Recruitment

We are impressed with the functionalities and features of RChilli products. We just love their products.

Multilingual resume parser for Kovasys
Sujit Singh
Sujit Singh
CEO, Sharedpro

With the help of RChilli, there is a major boost in the productivity of recruiters. The employers can now save upto 90% of their time.

Resume parser API for Sharedpro

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