Resume Parser API

Resume Parser API

Managing resumes just got easier, faster and better with Rchilli Parsing API on your side. Now you can parse both CV and Job Descriptions using Resume Parser and JD Parser that further makes access to best talent within your reach.

Free yourself from old-long habits of entering CV data manually and relying on human instincts alone. Hire smarter and make candidate selection automated using automation suite.

Resume Parser API

Parse Resumes effortlessly via B2b web API. Quick connect and easy integration gives kick-start to Resume Parsing in no-time. An effective B2B solution for every business enterprise handling resumes. Our candidate data extraction software parses resumes and CVs into 100+ subject fields and operates in 30+ languages to help you efficiently find the best person for the job. Resume Parsing API lets you start parsing service via Rest API call and gets you the desired output as JSON in return that can be readily inserted into any CRM, Applicant Tracking system or multiple databases attached. Learn More…

JD Parser API

Rchilli provides technology that can lexically parse a job description into XML output format. The output then can be used against candidate profiles using semantic to find better matches.

An intelligent software to extract parameters from Job Description and then match it with the required attributes already defined. It can be Salary (Min, Max), Currency (Global), Experience (Max, Min), Designation, Required Skills, Number of vacancies, Education, Certification, Job location, Nationality, About Company, Roles and Responsibilities, Functional Area, Industry Type, Age (Min, Max), Contact Person, Email ID, Phone Number, Willing to Relocate and others…

Rchilli JD Parser processes job descriptions or vacancies in real time through agile API interface. Same can also be done in bulk via FTP. JD parser processes job orders in all popular formats like MS word, PDF, RTF, Plain text and more.


Cloud hosted service enables parser to handle multiple requests at a time, though Lease/Self-hosted model is also available. Multilingual, All-doc converter, Batch/Bulk processing, Email Inbox Parsing, High Accuracy are just another reasons why our customers choose us over competitors. See the difference yourself and take the trial today!

  • Cloud – Planted on cloud, facilitates quick real-time access with 99% uptime and scalable as per your business model. Enhances system efficacy that gives complete flexibility to perform operations and keep costs to minimum as you are free from licensing, upgrades etc. Easy to own-and-manage, choose subscriptions on the go and quick deployment helps you to outcast competitors and enables you to stay ahead of times.
  • NLP – based on Natural language programming makes it easier to integrate API. Empowers quick connect via SOAP, HTTP GET/POST methods.
  • Email Inbox – to fetch resumes direct from emails. Quick 1-time set up; configure your POP/ IMAP for real time parsing as when you get the resumes.
  • Bulk Resumes – capable of fetching resumes in bulk either from database or desktop folders. You can also create scheduler via ATS/CRM to parse resumes offline.
  • HR-XML– industry certified output which makes API inter-operable with all other HR systems, HRMS, ATS and enables easy exchange of data across the industry.

Integrated with all these features, API gives you an intelligible system for overall resume management. Integration in record time without altering the existing set up, easy to deploy and quick to use are its key features. Being compatible with every HRIS/RMS/ATS makes it favorite for any ERP and meets their business demands.

Typical Use Case

Resume Parsing used at entry level of Resume in real time scenario

  • Recruiter/candidate uploads resumes from desktop or some folder.
  • RChilli API extract that document into more than 80 fields.
  • Store into database or display this XML for user interface.
  • This can be sold as add on into the ATS/CRM applications.
  • Use Parsing Fields and Social parsing fields, in your ATS / CRM and stand out of the competition.

Resume Parsing / Analysis at offline mode. / Bulk Import

  • Recruiter can upload bulk resumes and in backend program can be written which will call either API pass resumes one by one or use RChilli Bulk import.
  • Extract each resume into more than 80 valuable fields at high accuracy rate.
  • Analysis can be done over these items to add further value.



At RChilli we believe solutions that help your business perform better should not cost you an arm and leg to implement. That is why, you can start with our Cloud Hosted parsing API without investing in any new infrastructure.

We understand each business has unique needs irrespective whether you are a startup looking to scale your business or a market leader looking for the best solution. We work very closely to ensure you pay for only what you actually need

Contact Us today for a fixed price quote for unlimited parsing per month, which makes sense for your business.

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