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Resume Parsing Job Parsing



GDPR Compliant

Our resume parser extracts candidate data from resumes and saves the information in 140+ data fields through REST API

Resume Parser API

Resume Parser API/ Job Parser API

  • High Parsing Speed + Low Integration Time
  • Multi-lingual and Regional Support
  • Configurable Data Fields to Eliminate Bias
  • Understands Major Templates of Job Description




  • Search, Sort and Store resume with just a click.
  • Enhance your talent database.
  • Save time and efforts.
  • Eliminate manual intervention.
  • Faster closing of jobs

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We are proud to announce that RChilli is General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant.

Parse Resumes effortlessly via B2b web API. Quick connect and easy integration gives kick-start to Resume Parsing in no-time. An effective B2B solution for every business enterprise handling resumes. Our candidate data extraction software parses resumes and CVs into 100+ subject fields and operates in 30+ languages to help you efficiently find the best person for the job. Resume Parsing API lets you start parsing service via Rest API call and gets you the desired output as JSON in return that can be readily inserted into any CRM, Applicant Tracking system or multiple databases attached. Learn More…

We parse resumes in multiple languages namely 

  • English
  • Portuguese (Brazilian)
  • German
  • French
  • Russian
  • Croatian
  • Chinese (Simplified)
  • Turkish
  • Spanish
  • Dutch
  • 28 Europass format languages

Cloud-hosted service enables the parser to handle multiple requests at a time through Lease/Self-hosted model. Multilingual, All-doc converter, Batch/Bulk processing, Email Inbox Parsing are just another reasons why our customers choose us over competitors. 

  • Cloud – Planted on cloud, it facilitates quick real-time access with 99% up-time and scalable as per your business model. 
  • NLP – Based on Natural language programming makes it easier to integrate API. Empowers quick connect via SOAP, HTTP GET/POST methods.
  • Email Inbox – To fetch resumes direct from emails. Quick one-time set up; configure your POP/ IMAP for real-time parsing as when you get the resumes.
  • Bulk Import - Bulk import allows RChilli’s resume parser to parse multiple resumes in a go.
  • HR-XML– Industry certified output which makes API inter-operable with all other HR systems, HRMS, ATS and enables easy exchange of data across the industry.