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At RChilli we have a belief that you should only pay for what you use. This ensures that whether you are a startup that is looking to leverage our solutions and scale up, or you are a reputed player in the HR market who wants to expand and enhance your existing process with the latest technology from RChilli, you can do so without having to worry about the associated cost.

We understand that businesses change and as they do, their needs evolve. You might be processing a few hundred resumes a month now, and that volume would rise exponentially after a year as your business grows. You deserve a technology partner that can offer you customized packages that fit your business needs.

Just as fixed cost does not make sense for low volume users; variable cost does not work in a business case where clients are processing millions of resumes.

Low resume volume users do not need to shell out thousands of dollars to get started and instead can start with our Cloud hosted API service. You do not need to spend any time or money in hosting or maintenance. Integrate using our ready-to-use sample codes and go live within 30minutes.

We have separate plans and services. For startups resume parser price starts from $99 onwards.  And for Growth stage you get much higher discounted rates starting from $1999 onwards.  And Enterprises can go for fully unlimited packages. Primary difference is on how many parallel threads, Servers, Parsing Counts, and few more. 

High volume users do not need to worry about the variable cost associated with parsing millions of resumes each year. Call us right now and we will offer you a customized package for unlimited parsing annually that makes sense in your business and market segment.


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