Data Security And Protection




RChilli has never stored resume information during/after parsing on its cloud servers since its inception. This makes us the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant.

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Terms and Conditions


You must agree with the terms and conditions before entering an association with us. It is a binding agreement between you and RChilli.

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Security Document


This document explains the elements which come under security protection and how we ensure the security of the same. For more information, click here.

We have also vulnerability scan report available and you can find the same VA report from here.





Data moves from the client to the server directly. No information comes to the local intranet. Also, the data is encrypted in HTTPS and SSL, keeping it secure. All the servers are soc compliant either hosted with Amazon, Google, Azure, Rackspace or any other hosting provider.

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Privacy Policy


Our privacy policy includes types of data collected along with detailed information on processing the data.

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PCI Compliance


RChilli is PCI compliant. We do not store data.

Check our PCI compliant certificate.

 We use network/application firewalls and OAuth 2 authentication.

  1. We ensure to monitor network performance, availability and check security handling incident.

  2. We monitor data processing with quality assurance procedures.

  3. We protect confidentiality through encryption. We also use network and application firewalls to safeguard information.

  4. We put controls to protect Personal Identifiable Information from unauthorized access.

You can also check the document How we secure the parsing data