RChilli Resume Parser In Oracle Cloud Marketplace-Enhance Candidate Apply Rate By Upto 85%

by Aanchal Sharma

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Is fetching the right candidates a huge dilemma for you, despite offering a decent package?

If so, did you ponder over the reasons for missing out on a great team, especially when everything falls in place?

Well, maybe it has nothing to do with the job description. The true culprit, however, could be the career page and the ever-so-lengthy job application form. We do believe that investing valuable time filling the details over and over again can be quite frustrating for the candidates. This eventually makes them lose interest and leave the form mid-way.

Professional candidates are wanted everywhere, and they too are weighing upon numerous job offers. What would make a difference for them would be positive candidate experience throughout the recruitment process, starting from filling the job application to getting hired. Bringing it to reality, RChilli’s resume parser, now available on the Oracle Cloud marketplace, helps enhance the candidate apply rate by nearly 85% and trimming down the exit rate by up to 82%. Smooth, isn’t it?

So, How Does RChilli’s Resume Parser in Oracle Get it Done?

To begin with, our parser lets the candidates submit their applications with a single click. Uploading the resume is what they’ll need to do. So, no more hassles are involved in updating the details time and again. The parser automatically fills in the data fields, thus saving the candidates’ valuable time and eventually enhancing the experience by nearly 85%.

With the cutting-edge neural networks based on the Artificial Neural Networks in play, which further rely on the Recurrent Neural Network or Long Short-Term Memory backed up by the rules-based approach, an enhanced data extraction resulting in better search results becomes possible.   

What’s More to It?

Our consistent and dependable resume parser extracts data in 200+ fields, including education, qualification, experience, contact details, and a lot more. Other than this, the benefits of RChilli and Oracle HCM Cloud Profile Import Plugin cover:

  • A noticeably reduced applicant drop-off rate 

When earlier, the candidates used to leave the career page, courtesy of the lengthy job application process, the increase in the applications have increased to manifolds whilst using the parser in the back-end. Simply uploading the CV would suffice, and the fields preferred by the employer will be automatically extracted. 

  •  A reduced time, money, and resource investment

According to the figures by Ideal.com, the average cost involved per hire turns out to be nearly $4129. Believe it or not, the increasing cost is synonymous with the increase in the applicant’s drop-off rate.  Ideally, the best-case scenario for any company would be to have a solution where the application time that otherwise took 15 min gets reduced to 1-5 min, and you end up saving nearly 28% on the media costs. That is what RChilli’s resume parser strives to achieve and assist the companies with.

  •  A seamless plugin implementation 

Because the solution was built for Oracle HCM Cloud users, there’s no extensive implementation procedure involved. The customers are set up in 30 minutes or even less.

  •  An enhanced candidate conversion rate 

Filling up the profile won’t take more than 10 seconds for the candidates. The parser does the job for them. The data from the resumes is automatically fetched, and the entries are stored in Oracle HCM Cloud. A better candidate experience would mean a proficient candidate conversion.

Additionally, with the ability to parse the resumes in any document format like DOC, DOCX, PDF, RTF, TXT, ODT, HTM and HTML, DOCM, DOT, and DOTX in 20+ languages, RChilli’s resume parser will definitely be value addition.

Did we paint your company predicaments? Well, the solution is just a click away. To know more details, visit https://www.rchilli.com/our-partners/oracle-hcm.

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