RChilli Search & Match Engine 2.0

RChilli Search & Match API allows you to search and match candidates and jobs with great relevancy and accuracy than simple database searching and matching algorithms. It filters resume data according to global industry standard ontologies and taxonomies. You can search resume or JD based on your search keyword out of the total resumes and JDs indexed. And also, find resumes/jobs matching your input documents. The lightning-fast cluster computing technology of Search & Match Engine will help you get the perfect candidate through normalized and enriched data e.g. skills/ competency, domain, location, education, city, company, and job title.


How Can RChilli Search & Match Engine 2.0 Fit into
Your Business?

2021-05-11 (1)
2021-05-11 (2)

Get similar job recommendations matching a job (Job to Jobs)

Get more job recommendations to the candidate (Resume to Jobs)

Get more candidate recommendations for a job position (Job to Resumes)

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2021-05-11 (5)

Get similar candidate recommendations matching a resume (Resume to Resumes)

Convert any search string to a qualified search query by tagging location, company, skill,
job profile, experience level, tools, language, etc.

Enhance the user experience by showing the recommended skills/job titles to the
candidate/recruiter while searching

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Refine your search with Faceting/Filters

Avoid indexing duplicate records in search engines through de-duplication

How Does RChilli Search & Match Engine 2.0 Help You?

A Smarter Approach to Reach the Right Candidate by Recognizing, Filtering, and Ranking Talent

Get Perfect Candidates Similar to the Searched
Candidates within a Fraction of Time

Find the Perfect Candidate through Skill Mapping,
Domain, Location, Education, City, Company, and
Job Title
Show Highly Relevant Top, 10 Candidates, to the
Get All Search Keywords Separately for a More
Refined Result of Your Query through Query
A Safe Backup with a GDPR Compliant Search &
Match Engine
Broaden the Scope of Your Search Capabilities
Get a More Productive Recruiting System

A Scalable, Reliable, and Predictable
RChilli Search & Match 2.0

About RChilli

RChilli is the most trusted partner for Parsing, Matching, and Data Enrichment Market for Global Recruiting
Platforms. Its clients are ATS, job boards, and enterprises who need the ability to parse large amounts of
resumes/jobs in a scalable manner. They get perfect candidates quickly by using its automated parsing,
matching, and scoring system.


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