Augment and update your resume/CV data in real-time

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  • Update resumes/CVs with verified details
    • Email ID
    • Phone Number
    • Current location of candidates
  • Augment data with:
    • Recently acquired skills
    • Hidden gaps in employment
    • Social media details
  • Integrate and connect with your data enrichment partners


  • One-time-integration with a single end-point. 
  • Pre-integrated with data providers.
  • Empower your users with intelligent data.
  • No need to reply on a single source to enrich data. 
  • Set yourself free from bearing the cost of time and effort required in integration.

Trusted Partners

It's Time to Enrich Your Resume Database


Enrichment marketplace brings data connectors and CRM/ATS together at one platform where end users can enrich their user data.

Imagine if you need several services to enrich your data and you could find all the data connectors/integrations on a single platform.

  • It connects with all data enrichment providers.
  • It builds a use case for data enrichment through name, company name, LinkedIn URL, phone number. It adds metadata of companies, skills, job titles, etc.
  • Users can build multiple use cases/workflows and create a custom marketplace for their CRM/ATS.

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All You Need to Know About RChilli’s Enrichment Marketplace

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How Can a Marketplace Help You in Enriching Your Resume Data?

Why Are We the Most Trusted Partner?
RChilli's resume parser for

RChilli is very easy to use and implement. Also, their customer service is responsive whenever we have issues. Their support team is our go-to and there isn’t a problem they cannot solve.

-Sudh, CEO,

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“Working with RChilli has been a wonderful experience.
Our team is impressed by its consistent, round-the-clock
customer support.

-Chris Cella, VP-Product Management, GR8 People

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“RChilli responds immediately to every query. It has an excellent work culture where everyone follows the same approach.

-Manoj Tiwari, VP-Business & Product Dev. Berkshire Associates

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