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Enrichment Marketplace

Social Connect

Passive Resume update

Job Score

Ready-to-use Data Marketplace

One-time Integration

Custom Workflows


  • Build your white-label marketplace.
  • Enrich user information with verified details, e.g. email id, phone number, social details, etc.
  • Define your own workflows/functions on the fly with multiple data providers.
  • Use intelligence of multiple apps at one platform


  • One-time integration with a single end-point
  • Pre-integrated with data providers
  • Empower your users with intelligent data
  • No need to rely on a single source to enrich data
  • Set yourself free from bearing the cost of time and effort required in integration

It's Time to Enrich Your Resume Database

Enrichment marketplace brings data connectors and CRM/ATS together at one platform where end users can enrich their user data.

Imagine if you need several services to enrich your data and you could find all the data connectors/integrations on a single platform.

  • It connects with all data enrichment providers.
  • It builds a use case for data enrichment through name, company name, LinkedIn URL, phone number. It adds metadata of companies, skills, job titles, etc.
  • Users can build multiple use cases/workflows and create a custom marketplace for their CRM/ATS.