Resume Enrichment

Resume Enrichment

Time to enrich your resumes database. Have tons of old resumes lying stale in your database and wanted to do something about them desperately? Then, look no further, Resume Enrichment is here to make old into gold again.


Rchilli parsing API with opted social add-ons can become your customer’s favorite social recruiting software. Come and use this automated tool to get connected with top talent networks, leverage newfound information and reduce the hiring cost drastically.

Typical Use Case

You can enrich your resumes in two simple ways:

  • Social Connect- Start discovering social profiles of the applicant while parsing CV’s. Get straight links to their online profiles which are publicly discoverable. Figure-out who fits your company culture first, instantaneously using Social Connect.
  • Passive Resume Update- Our solution is intuitive enough to compare the information written on a cv with information available on public profiles. This includes the gap periods in work experiences, current location of a candidate, recent skills added, history and more.


An ultimate sourcing tool to find the best culture fits for your company. API can handle queries in bulk which frees you from manually searching social profiles for each applicant.

You don’t have to manually capture the missing information. It comes automatically under the relevant sections of a resume. A big takeaway and a huge time saver for Recruiters.

This tool can be integrated with your current applicant tracking system (ATS) or existing hiring solution effortlessly. Don’t wait to explore the power of Social Media within your existing set up. Try Resume Enrichment today and grab a free trial.


Resume Enrichment is a feature available as an add-on with Rchilli B2B Web API and as a stand-alone product as well. This socially disruptive add-on is perfectly suited for volume based model with per resume parsing.

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