Social Analytics

Social Analytics

Are you using social media to monitor, assess and retain your current workforce? If not, then Social Analytics might just give you the perfect start. Social recruiting is the hottest trend in recruitment these days. Social Media taps huge insights for Recruiters and can help them understand different behaviours all across the organization.


Job Index
It measures job seeking behaviours of individuals in different companies. It acts as an indicator of engagement, satisfaction and attrition in companies employees. The system tracks activities of both the employees; one who is contented and other who is at the risk of leaving. Read their frenzy statuses and detect what is coming in the future.

Employer Verification
The information mustered via different networks can be used to verify candidate’s credentials and potential for the next open position. This helps you build trust on your valuation and be proficient in hiring.


Typical Use Case

The data gathered from all digital platforms is carefully studied, drilled and broken granularly to gain actionable insights out of them.

It can further go down to represent intensity of a person seeking job on a given particular day.

Use Job index for real-time insights and analytics. We analyze all possible sorts of variables to understand trends related to job hunting.



With Job index, you can easily predict employee attrition and retention rates based on job search behaviour.

Job index prepares you ahead of coming Talent crunch and helps in advancing engagement for the current workforce.

Start building your own use case rather going with the hype surrounding the industry.



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