RChilli’s Data Migration

RChilli's data migration service provides the users a seamless solution for transferring data from legacy platforms to the current system.

The process not only ensures that data is successfully migrated without any technical glitches, but also enhances and enriches it using advanced Resume/JD parser. The solution maps the data as per the new data location and shares a detailed analytical report after complete data evaluation.

Who needs Data Migration?

First-time Users

When new clients start using ATS for the first time, their requirement is to upload old Resumes/Jobs into the new ATS. They can do this via RChilli Bulk import product, where ATS can upload resumes to an FTP location, and RChilli will parse and push data to ATS.

Migrating Users

When new customers of an ATS want to migrate data from an old ATS, they want to migrate Candidates, Jobs, Notes, Users, Interview schedules, and other information. This needs planning and manual transfer. The old ATS gives export of data, and the new ATS needs to manually map the old ATS to new ATS fields. Once the mapping is done, data restructuring is required, and final import is done into the new ATS.


How RChilli Helps in Seamless Data Migration?

1. Migrate General Data

The common migration activities RChilli carries out as part of the data migration process includes migrating:

  • Data of candidates, employees, and contacts
  • Jobs
  • Users
  • Companies
  • Searches
  • Assessments
  • Offers
  • Attachments and documents
  • List of skills
  • Background check


2. Migrate Resume Parser Data

With RChilli, source data can be easily parsed and migrated, including any custom fields required for the target database. This means that not only will the parsed data be transferred, but any additional fields specific to your target system will also be included in the migration. The list of resume parser fields that RChilli migrates include:

  • Address
  • Candidates contact details
  • Educational qualifications
  • Experience
  • Languages known
  • Licenses and certifications
  • Skills

3. Job Parser Data

RChilli's Job parser is designed to efficiently parse source job data, including any custom fields required for the target system. The categories of job parser data include:

  • Job profile
  • Detail of an agency hired by the organization for recruitment
  • Job location
  • Job type, whether it’s a management role or an executive role
  • Job code
  • Job posted and closing date
  • Experience required
  • Contract duration
  • Whether or not a candidate has a contract
  • Salary Offered
  • Notice Period
  • Preferred demography
  • Qualifications
  • Certifications
  • Skills
  • Contact person’s name
  • Interview type, and more



4. Taxonomy Mapping

RChilli offers the latest taxonomies for Degree, Skills, Institute, and Job Profile, which can be seamlessly migrated as required. By referring to the header details of the RChilli taxonomies, the data for these headers can be easily migrated to the corresponding target database headers.

4.1 Degree Taxonomy Header

  • Education ID
  • Name
  • Education Type
  • Formatted Name
  • Abbreviation
  • Previous Education Level
  • Next Education Level

4.1 Degree Taxonomy Header

  • Skills ID
  • Formatted Skills
  • Description
  • Skills Type

4.3 Institute taxonomy header

  • Institution ID
  • Institution Type
  • Institution Authority
  • Name
  • Description
  • Established in

4.4 Job profile taxonomy header

  • Job profile ID
  • Job Profile
  • Formatted Job Profile
  • Description

5. Enriched data

With RChilli's Enrich application, you can access candidate data from a variety of social media sources, such as LinkedIn and other social networking sites. The table below dictates the information that can be sourced from social sites including:

  • Phone
  • Current Employer
  • Current Location
  • Current Job Title
  • Social Media Links- LinkedIn, FB
  • Age
  • Gender
  • City
  • Country
  • Education Degree
  • Birthday
  • Name
  • State
  • Twitter URL
  • Education Name


About RChilli

RChilli is the trusted partner for parsing, matching, and data enrichment, providing companies, in 50+ countries, with solutions built for the future of technology and recruiting. RChilli’s innovative products, backed by an industry-leading tech stack, power the processing of 4.1 billion+ docs a year for 1600+ top global recruiting platforms. Enabling companies to hire better talent faster since 2010, RChilli is ISO 27001:2022, SOC 2 Type II, and HIPAA certified and GDPR compliant.

RChilli also has its multilingual resume parsing app available on Oracle Cloud Marketplace and Salesforce AppExchange.

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