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Features of RChilli Search and Match


  • Manage talent your way
  • Match resume to jobs
  • Match job to resumes
  • Match resume to resumes
  • Match job to jobs
  • Search with keywords and synonyms
  • Match skills
  • Score results from your database
  • Rank jobs against candidates
  • Reliable customer support
Benefits of RChilli Search and Match


  • Uncover hidden talent by going beyond simple database searching and matching algorithms.
  • Sort through subtle variations between job descriptions and resumes to match skills.
  • Reduce time to hire by scoring matches.
  • Improve the candidate experience so that all the stakeholders in the talent economy receive value.

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Search & Match Engine to Empower Recruitment


Search & Match Engine automatically provides similar matches for Resume/CV and JD/Vacancy in the following ways:

  • Resume/CV to JDs/Vacancies
  • JD/Vacancy to Resumes/CVs
  • Resume/CV to Resumes/CVs
  • JD/Vacancy to JDs/Vacancies

Save money, save time by getting the best out-of-resumes for job advertised and closest match as per skills, core competencies and other organizational attributes required.

Understand resume, know more than others by using Semantic search to carve out relevant Key skills required in a candidate. As Semantics help in organizing both structured and unstructured data, the ideal matches come a lot faster than by traditional ones. Match technologies understand differences between job descriptions and candidate resumes, therefore, it lets you find the outstanding candidates easily.

RChilli Search & Match Engine is aimed at mining valuable information from mountains of data residing on your databases. 

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Why Are We The Most Trusted Partner?

“It is great working with RChilli. We are happy with the
results of its resume parser & its consistent services.

-Anand Babu G, Director-IT Solutions & Services

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“We’re quite satisfied with the speed and support of RChilli
in managing resumes quickly and efficiently.

-Sudarshan Ravi, CEO, RippleHire

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“Because RChilli works with major enterprises, we do not have any qualms about using their product. We feel safe and secure as RChilli follows the best industry standards.

-Sudh, CEO,

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