Job Sites

Job Sites

Add value to job sites in increasing input of resumes and giving valuable data to employer who buys it.In Real time get parsed Resume fields, Analysis fields and Candidate Social fields that gives you an edge above competitor and entry in the era of Social Recruiting.

Typical Scenario at Job Boards /Job Sites.

  • Job Board / Job sites gets resumes from Candidates, Emails, Back end upload or Partners.
  • Candidates either fill up form or back end team insert his resume in database.
  • Storing Resume employer gets only Keyword search not advance search like last company, expected salary etc so get Social instead.
  • Candidates after visiting profile creation page exit as they are reluctant to fill up large forms.

Indirect business needs

  • Add more latest resumes to increase revenue of job board by adding Social profiles of candidates for employers / staffing companies

RChilli automates Resume Reading / storing process.

  • Candidate uploads resume in upload box. RChilli Cloud API extract Resume fields and give you 74+ fields.
  • Display those fields for user correction and store in database on submission.
  • Adding Social Fields to job portal gives social touch to your Job Board.

Resume Parsing / Analysis at offline mode.

  • Link Email / Bulk upload for easier insertion of data to resume database.
  • Extract each resume in more than 74+ valuable fields with high accuracy rate.
  • Store extracted fields in Database and notify user about resume acceptance.
  • Use our partner’s schematic engine to map resumes extracted data and add search interface.

How it works?
We have two options for Job Sites

  • Cloud Based B2B Model for high performance and volume of resumes.
  • SaaS service, for low volume usage.


SaaS / Cloud Web API

  • Your current application needs to call our web services via SOAP, where resume file is sent along with other parameters.
  • In the response envelop of SOAP, we will send back XML which can be used for display or storing directly into database. (Please contact us at to see the demo of XML).