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9,00,000+ Skills 5,50,000+ Job profiles in multiple languages

                                         9,00,000+ Skills

5,50,000+ Job profiles in

multiple languages



  • Vast collection of taxonomies ensures searches capture alias job titles and skills
  • Find related skills, job profiles and domains for a skill
  • Find related jobs, skills and domains for a job
  • Tag candidates with 9,00,000+ skills/expertise for better matching to jobs
  • Smart recommendations ANSI/NISO Z39.19 compliant


  • Avoid recruitment bias or omissions so all the best candidates are identified.
  • Expand keyword searches to include alias keywords.
  • Improve talent analytics.
  • Participate in government hiring more successfully by knowing their language and how they classify and screen candidates.
  • Are you highly familiar with a niche industry? Build custom taxonomies.

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RChilli's Rich Taxonomy

Our taxonomy is a detailed library of skills and jobs alias which help in easy identification of a candidate’s expertise. Apart from focusing on a single keyword, our skills and job alias give you multiple keywords which can be used to get quality results. Our matching technology will use these keywords to fetch resumes of candidates carrying the same. 

We follow the ANSI/NISO Z39.19 standard for developing taxonomies.

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taxonomy 3

RChilli's New Addition to its Core Products-Skill/Job Title Taxonomy 3.0


Enhance Your Resume/Job Searching Capability with Taxonomy 3.0

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How to Build an Employer Brand?

What Our Customers Say About Us?

What once was a relentless task to review individual resumes by hand was quickly relieved by the arrival of resume parser that greatly reduced the workload of many recruitment firms.

-Rupak Thummala, Chief Product Officer, Vultus Inc.

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“We’re quite satisfied with the speed and support of RChilli in managing resumes quickly and efficiently.”

-Sudarsan Ravi, CEO, RippleHire



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“RChilli is very easy to use and implement. Their support team is our go-to and there isn’t a problem they cannot solve.”

-Dr. Vaisagh Vishwanathan, Co-founder and CTO, impress.ai  


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