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Why Do You Need Skills Taxonomy?

It is challenging for the recruiters to match candidates’ skills to a job profile. There is always a mismatch between the job description and the resumes.

Candidates are getting irrelevant job alerts, whereas recruiters waste their time screening irrelevant resumes.

Lack of comprehensive skill data is the reason behind this challenge. There is a poor matching of candidates’ skills with those required by the jobs.

Use Cases of RChilli Taxonomy


Create Skill Profiles

Employers can use RChilli Taxonomy to create skill profiles for job positions. It will help them to understand their requirements better, and they can look for the right match based on the skills.
Similarly, candidates can also create their skill profiles for the job positions they would like to apply for.

Skills Gap Analysis

As the job market gets competitive, companies want to upskill their people. With RChilli Taxonomy, you can quickly identify the skills you want to develop for a specific job position. Mapping the current skills with the required skills is an efficient way to find out the gap.


Automated Assessments

Use Taxonomy for automated skills assessments. You don’t need to rely on resumes for screening the candidates. If a candidate misses writing the skills in the resume, Taxonomy can help in filling them based on the job profile. This makes it easy to conduct automated assessments.


Make the Most of Your Existing Talent

Take recruitment to the next level by making the most of your in-house talent. This approach creates a positive environment for the employees to learn and grow. Use taxonomy to create a skill database for each current job position you have. It will help you to use the skills of an employee for another job profile.




Connecting Job Profile to Skills

With the help of related skills/job profiles, get skills related to a specific job profile and vice versa. For a job profile ‘Head of Resourcing’, RChilli offers related skills such as Resource Allocation, Resource Management, Promotional Campaign, etc.

If someone has missed writing these skills in the resume, Taxonomy can create an additional list of skills and help you in expanding your search on skill parameters.


Enhance Your Searching Capability

Searching with the keyword ‘Java’ may give the users a few relevant candidate results. But what about the candidates who do not carry this keyword in their resumes but have the same skill as that of Java?

RChilli offers alias for the skill ‘Java’ such as Microsoft Java Technologies, MS Java Technologies, Advance Java, Advance Java Programming. The users can use these alias and expand their keyword search to find the right fit.


Use Taxonomy for JD Builder

Want to create your own job description? You can quickly build a job description with the related information of job profiles such as abilities, education, work activities, tasks, skills, alias, description, etc. required for a job profile. Now creating a job description is a super easy task.


Recommended Skills and Job Titles

Get various recommendations of skills and job titles. Instead of focusing on one keyword, get multiple recommendations to get quality results. The users can use these recommendations and expand their search to find the right fit. It will improve the user experience by up to 85% and help you in achieving your goal of customer engagement.