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Taxonomies Detailed Job Profiles & Skills

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Find the perfect match through jobs/skills alias for better identification of candidate skills

Taxonomy 3.0

Our detailed collection of taxonomies can help in identifying the skills and expertise of a candidate easily. It contains numerous Categories and Sub-Categories and 41,000+ Skills and 27000+ Job Profiles. Users can also define their own taxonomies and add to the list.

What Do Taxonomies Provide?

  • Related skills, job profiles and domains for a skill.
  • Related jobs, skills, and domains for a job.
  • Smart recommendations for skills and jobs.




  • Enrich your candidate record by creating tags for candidates for resume/JDs.
  • Get govt.-data ready taxonomies.
  • Reinventing talent analytics.

RChilli's Rich Taxonomy

Our taxonomy is a detailed library of skills and jobs alias which help in easy identification of a candidate’s expertise. Apart from focusing on a single keyword, our skills and job alias give you multiple keywords which can be used to get quality results. Our matching technology will use these keywords to fetch resumes of candidates carrying the same. 

We follow the ANSI/NISO Z39.19 standard for developing taxonomies.