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Reinvent the Recruitment Model with RChilli's Resume Parser Salesforce Integration

RChilli’s AI-enabled resume parser seamlessly integrates into the Salesforce environment to enhance the talent recruitment and hiring. With Salesforce transforming into the primary talent acquisition podium, its client base is constantly expanding the environment to enrich their candidate database.


What once was a relentless task to review individual resumes by hand was quickly relieved by the arrival of resume parser that greatly reduced the workload of many recruitment firms.

-Rupak Thummala, Chief Product Officer, Vultus Inc.

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RChilli will take care of your complete data migration, including documents, content, strategy, development. It is Seamless, Safe, and Secure.


Who Needs Data Migration?

Every ATS gets two types of customers. One who starts using ATS for the first time, and the other who is migrating from other ATS/CRM applications. 



  • Parse resumes and create new contacts, leads, or custom objects in Salesforce
  • Upload single or bulk resumes
  • Process resumes from multiple recruitment email accounts
  • Personalize the field mapping and cross custom object mapping in Salesforce
  • Populate over 140 fields including education, skills, contact details, etc from CVs
  • Multi-lingual
  • A standalone parser on Salesforce Appexchange
  • Native lightning app with a configurable UI


  • Reduce manual data entry by 89%

  • Reach out to candidates who prefer mailing their resumes

  • Boost recruiter resourcefulness by 80%

  • Customize the resume data to optimize the candidate database

  • Reuse the Salesforce contacts and leads, and reduce the hiring time

  • Global and bias-free recruitment

  • Unparalleled and affordable parsing solution minus the products you don’t require   

  • Parse resumes without leaving the Salesforce app

The RChilli Resume Parser is used by over 1600 customers in 50+ countries. 

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Increase the skilled professional line-up and management

RChilli Resume Parser tenders quick and multilingual resume parsing. Release your recruiting team from the extensively tiresome days of data scanning, and instead benefit from the resume parsing solution offered by RChilli. If you’re seeking a team of global proficient candidates, leveraging the technological advancement that comes with the parser is the way to go

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