Reinvent the Recruitment Model with RChilli's Resume Parser in Salesforce

A Parsing Solution For Enhanced Candidate & Recruiter Experience

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RChilli Resume Parser in Salesforce Appexchange
With Powerful Search and Match Engine

RChilli AI-enabled parsing solution for Salesforce helps talent acquisition managers and companies hire faster and more effectively by integrating directly into the Salesforce environment. Our multilingual parsing solution and semantic search and match intelligence empower hiring managers to enhance their hiring process. 

The incredible search and match engine facilitates hiring managers to search and match candidates and jobs with enhanced accuracy and relevancy. With Salesforce transforming into the primary talent acquisition podium, the client base will constantly expand and enrich the candidate database.

Rchilli in salesforce appexchange

Reinvent the Recruitment Model with RChilli's Resume
Parser in Salesforce Integration


Boost The Talent Pool With Multilingual Parsing

Powered by deep learning, RChilli's resume parser in Salesforce encourages building a highly skilled and diverse team. The hiring managers get a chance to build a global team that’s skilled and knowledgeable. The parsing solution is designed to accurately parse resumes in 30+ languages, ensuring that the data fetched matches the skills required and that the candidates hired are best-in-class.

RChilli Multilingual resume parser for Salesforce users
RChilli salesforce search and match

Search & Match

RChilli’s Search and Match Engine allows hiring managers to search and match candidate resumes to jobs and jobs to resumes with accuracy that’s unparalleled.

The machine learning and AI-technology-driven tool screens resume data according to the industry-standard ontologies and taxonomies. Filtering talented candidates from hundreds of indexed resumes becomes hassle-free when talent acquisition managers can search resumes based on the search keywords.

Within the search and match engine, RChilli has engineered a sophisticated algorithm that fetches the most relevant results according to the search criteria provided, e.g., the job description or the keywords. Flexibility, transparency, and precision are the key parameters that define RChilli search and match functionality in the Salesforce environment. 


Auto-fill Data Fields in Salesforce

Free the recruiters from scrutinizing CVs and focus on parsing. The intuitive software automatically populates the data fields, saving up to 89% of the candidates' time. It results in a positive candidate experience.

Auto-fill Data Fields in Salesforce

Bulk Import

The applicant information extracting software gives access to the structured data via the partner site or different resume sets. The users can parse multiple resumes in a go and receive information automatically stored in Salesforce.


Email Inbox Integration

Don’t lose talented candidates who’ve shared their CVs on different official email Ids. The one-time configuration setup helps fetch and parse resumes from multiple email inboxes.


Configuration of Data Fields Available

Bias-free recruitment with easy data field configuration ensures the hiring of skilled professionals. This intelligent solution helps recruiters enable/disable the fields based on the selection criteria.

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