RChilli adds value to ATS applications. Automates Resume insertion, provide Email inbox feature to your customers. Overall your customer feels satisfied and happy to use our product.

Applicant Tracking Software (ATS)

  • Recruiters /Users upload resume via Email, Web Upload or want to do Bulk upload.
  • Transfer Old resume database from desktop, emails or other ATS to your ATS.
  • Use Resume Upload for web form and allow candidates to edit/update information.
  • Shorten resume upload time and resume data insertion.

Parse Resume at the entry in real time

  • RChilli API / Component extract document into more than 74+ fields.
  • Store into database or display this XML for user interface.
  • Sell as add-on to other CRM applications.
  • Use Social parsing field in your ATS / CRM and stand out of the competition.

Resume Parsing / Analysis at offline mode. / Bulk Import

  • Recruiter either upload resumes in bulk or call API component and parse resumes one by one..
  • Extract each resume into more than 74 valuable fields at high accuracy rate.
  • Analysis can be done over these items to add further value.

How it works ?

  • SaaS model based on per resume /per customer basis .
  • Choose B2B Cloud solution in other pricing models. Pricing as per your business type.


  • From current application call our web services via SOAP and in return resume file is sent along with other parameters.
  • In response of SOAP, we send back XML that can be used to display or store directly in database.
    (Please contact us at to see the demo of XML).