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RChilli Solutions

Parse | Match |Enrich

Recruitment Analytics Solutions

Resume Parser API / Job Parser API

Job/Resume Parser API
  • NLP based API
  • Extracts Candidate/Job Data from Resumes/JDs
  • Parses Resume in Any Document Format (doc, docx, pdf, html, rtf)

Search & Match Engine v2.0

Semantic Search & Match
  • Powerful Semantic Search & Match Capability
  • Advanced Resume Search with Similar Search Keywords
  • Get the Right Candidate through Resume/Job Recommendations


  • Enrich any User Data
  • Launch Own Marketplace
  • One-time Integration with a Single End-point

Taxonomy 3.0

Taxonomy 3.0
  • A Detailed Library of Skillsets and Taxonomies
  • Effective Identification of Candidate’s Expertise
  • Provides Skill and Job Profiles Information, including open sources like ONet and ESCO.