RChilli Resume Parser with Taxonomy

RChilli resume parser is a deep learning/AI framework that identifies complete information from resumes and enriches it through its taxonomies.
Its taxonomy is a comprehensive library of skills and job profiles spread across dozens of industries and domains with unlimited individual concepts. The valuable combination of resume parser with taxonomy delivers amazing results to the users.

How Can A Resume Parser with Taxonomy Fit into Your Business?


Enhance the Searching Capability of the Users with Skills/Jobs Alias

RChilli offers Skills/Jobs alias that can enhance keyword-based searching.

For example, searching with the keyword ‘Front Desk Assistant’ may give the users a few relevant candidate results. But what about the candidates who do not carry this keyword in their resumes but have the same experience as that of a Front Desk Assistant like Receptionist, phone operator, etc.?

RChilli offers alias for the job profile ‘Front Desk Assistant’ such as Front Desk Reception, Front Desk Receptionist, Front Office Assistant, Front Office Clerk, Front Office Receptionist, Full-time Receptionist. The users can use these alias and expand their keyword search to find the right fit.

RChilli offers Skills/Jobs Alias with a 97% success rate.



Users can create extra tags of resumes in search engines



Improve the search results by up to 90%



Enhance user experience by up to 92%

Connecting Job Profile to Skills

With the help of related skills/job profiles, you can get skills related to a specific job profile and vice versa.

For example, for a job profile ‘Head of Resourcing’, RChilli offers related skills such as Resource Allocation, Resource Management, Promotional Campaign, etc.

Thus, if someone has missed writing these skills in the resumes, Taxonomy can create an additional list of skills and help you in expanding your search on skill parameters.

RChilli also helps in creating weightage on skills and provides their proficiency level.

RChilli offers Related Skills/Jobs with an 80% success rate.



It helps you to tag resumes
on skills parameters



Identify even those resumes that missed having these skills



Expand your search results by up to 90%






RChilli Taxonomy has a unique ontology that sets a benchmark for storing resumes/jobs with its step-by-step classification of skills/jobs profiles. Extremely beneficial for Solr/elasticsearch engine users.

For example, the ontology for a skill ‘Java’ is as follows:

Information-> Software Developers and Programmers ->Programming Language -> Java



Easily organize your resumes



Easily find resumes related to a particular domain



Quickly close jobs

Three Exceptional Classifications of Skills

Once you parse a resume, RChilli offers remarkable information on skills.

1. Skills Block- The section of the resume that shows the skills of the candidate.
2. Skills Keywords- Any other skills mentioned in the resume e.g in the summary or the paragraph of the resume.
3. Segregated Skill: Skill keywords are further classified into segregated skills:

(a) Type- There are three types of skills:
i) Operational Skills- You can judge the expertise of the candidates through these
skills. These skills are considered while searching for the right fit.
ii) Soft Skills- These include communication, strategic planning, which are assessed
while interviewing.
iii) Behavioral Skills-These include core values, ethical values of candidates, which
are assessed during the interview.

(b) Skill- An ability of the candidate for doing a specific job.
(c) Ontology- It provides the information of the field from where the skill belongs.
(d) Alias- Synonyms of the skill.
(e) Formatted Name- The standard name of the skill. E.g Microsoft Excel is the
formatted name of ‘Excel’.
(f) Evidence- It shows the section in the resume from where the skill is picked up.
(g) Last Used- It gives the details of when the skill was last used by the candidate.
(h) Experience in Months- Total experience that the candidate has for the skill.


Let us give you a few examples of how you can use this classification:

1) If you are looking for skills that are only mentioned in the Experience section,
you can check ‘Evidence’.





2) Another scenario is if you want to see which skills the candidate has used in the last five years,

you can check ‘Last Used’.

3) If you are looking for a candidate who has a defined experience in using a skill,
you can check ‘Experience in Months’.



About RChilli

RChilli is the trusted partner for parsing, matching, and data enrichment, providing companies, in 50+ countries, with solutions built for the future of technology and recruiting. RChilli’s innovative products, backed by an industry-leading tech stack, power the processing of 4.1 billion+ docs a year for 1600+ top global recruiting platforms. Enabling companies to hire better talent faster since 2010, RChilli is ISO 27001:2022, SOC 2 Type II, and HIPAA certified and GDPR compliant.

RChilli also has its multilingual resume parsing app available on Oracle Cloud Marketplace and Salesforce AppExchange.

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