Struggling to Update Candidate Data in Your Database?

RChilli Candidate Recharge has got you covered!


Enrich Candidate Data in Your Database With RChilli Candidate Recharge (RCR)

The Ultimate Solution for Seamless Candidate Data Management

  • Save time on manually updating candidate data 
  • 89% increase in hiring efficiency
  • 85% increase in access to a skilled talent pool
  • Reduce cost of bad hires
  • Bias-free hiring approach for diverse team

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RCR-Your Key to Accurate and Updated Candidate Information

What You Will Get?

Data Migration For Oracle HCM 

Quarterly Data Reprocessing

RChilli performs the Data Reprocessing
on your database on a quarterly schedule and ensures that all candidate information fields are populated.

Full access to RChilli’s Taxonomy to enrich Candidate Data sets 

Enrich Data with Taxonomy

Get full access to RChilli’s Taxonomy to enrich Candidate Data sets.  It also allows for proprietary modifications to skills, titles, etc for your organization.

Server Locations 

Annual Data Enrichment

RChilli utilizes its robust capabilities to enhance and refresh candidate data from multiple channels, such as Full Contact, Toofer, Lusha, and others.


Browser Plugin/Email Parsing

Recruiters can easily upload resumes
with a browser extension or email
resumes to create candidate profiles
in your environment. 

Security Document 

Redact/Templatize Resumes

We promote unconscious bias
in your recruitment process by redacting 
sensitive information and addressing
bias in resumes.