Data Reprocessing in Oracle Recruiting for
Enriched Candidate Data Mapping

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RChilli, a proud partner of Oracle HCM, offers complete data reprocessing to hiring managers and companies switching to a sophisticated HRMS version. 

Offering a seamless and secure service, we strive to help organizations secure a complete candidate database that’s haphazardly loaded after data migration.

Who Needs Data Reprocessing?

The most important asset of an organization is its candidate data. RChilli understands that switching from one system to another often results in companies losing valuable data since only a few files get parsed.

Our data reprocessing service ensures that we populate all the 30 fields Oracle offers regardless of the resume format. The goal is to organize the complete candidate data in the system into a searchable format after upgrading to a newer version. 

Customers can seamlessly migrate data structures from one ERP to the same ERP without any technical glitches. The data structure will be reprocessed according to the newer version and saved in the same ERP, keeping the migration safe and secure. 

While reprocessing the data, RChilli can enrich it with updated information using its taxonomies. For example, you can get updated candidate information on your passive resumes, i.e., new phone number, location of a candidate, etc. 

How RChilli Helps in Seamless Data Reprocessing?



Normalize Resume Database

Retrieve, parse, and update over 100 fields (both standard and custom fields) within Oracle Cloud recruiting ensuring blank fields are populated.       

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Enrich - Taxonomy Dataset (List of Values)

Parse and normalize skills, job titles, Degrees, and addresses/locations with updated taxonomies/Lists of Values.


Enriched Data

Enriche candidate data from different social platforms- LinkedIn, Facebook, and other networking sites & updates current job titles, locations, phone numbers, and email IDs from third-party data providers.


Redact/ Templatize Resumes

Redact sensitive information, addresses bias, analyzes the original resume document and securely removes and encodes 57 specific fields ensuring the candidate's resume retains its original format.


Browser Extension

Simplify resume uploads and uploading single or multiple resumes using a browser extension. The system processes the resumes, allowing edits before synchronizing with Oracle Cloud Recruiting.

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Email inbox

Upload resumes directly to job listings or talent pools through a streamlined process that ensures ease of use and saves time for users.

Get Access to Complete Candidate Information with Data Processing in Oracle!

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