Candidate Data Reprocessing

Refresh, Reprocess, & Recharge Your Candidate 
Database To Hire Talent That Matters!

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Easily Fill The Skills Gap With a Candidate Database That’s Fresh & Updated!

Hire talented candidates with RChilli Reprocessing, a solution enriching candidate data to ensure the talent acquisition managers in Oracle have credible data to manage candidate pipeline.

Data Reprocessing That’s Strategically Seamless

  • Normalize Resume Database

    Retrieve, parse, and update all 30 fields from Oracle along with extra fields- contact information, work & education history, languages spoken, & more.        

  • Enrich - Taxonomy Dataset (List of Values)

    Parse and normalize skills, job titles, Degrees, and addresses/locations with updated taxonomies/Lists of Values.       

Data Reprocessing Thats Strategically Seamless

Trusted by Many for Data Protection!

RChilli is ISO 270012022
RChilli is SOC 2 Type II Certified
RChilli is HIPAA certified


Restructured Data the Customized Skillset You Need

Stay assured that all the 30 fields by Oracle will be auto-populated. Empower your talent acquisition team with candidate data that’s reprocessed every quarter.

Boost candidate search with access to personalized reprocessing, ensuring each candidate is filtered with new proprietary skills.    

Innovation that Drives Talent Acquisition  


Skills/Titles in Taxonomy


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