Seamless Data Migration in
Oracle Recruiting


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Often, companies avoid shifting to a new platform, fearing the loss of valuable candidate data. Why? Because making the move can be cumbersome and expensive. The companies, thus, have to settle with an inferior system that hampers their hiring process.

RChilli's data migration service provides users with a seamless solution for transferring data from legacy platforms to the current system.

The process ensures that data is successfully migrated without any technical glitches, and enhances and enriches it using an advanced Resume/JD parser. The solution maps the data as per the new data location and shares a detailed analytical report after complete data evaluation.

Who Needs Data Migration?

When a client migrates from an existing solution to a new one, they need to transfer a range of information, including candidates, jobs, notes, users, interview schedules, and other data. This process requires careful planning and manual transfer. The client must export the data from their old system and manually map it to the new platform’s fields. Once the mapping is complete, they must restructure the data before importing it into the new system.

How RChilli Helps in Seamless Data Migration?

We understand the value of your candidate and resume database. When transitioning to a new system, the risk of data corruption is just as detrimental. Each piece of lost data represents a missed opportunity to access skill sets, placement histories, and other vital factors crucial to finding the perfect candidate.

Leveraging the power of AI technology, RChilli guides you through every step of the data migration process. 

The Modus Operandi

  • We prioritize consultations with our customers to thoroughly understand their processes and business priorities before touching their data.
  • We meticulously tailor our system based on the input to align with the preferences.
  • Our approach combines separate modules and business intelligence to curate a platform that perfectly matches the unique requirements.
  • As we develop a deeper understanding of organizations, we offer invaluable recommendations on optimizing data management using our platform.

Our goal is to ensure that you maximize the potential of your recruitment workflows, allowing you to extract the utmost value from your data.


What We Do?

General Data Migration

General Data Migration

RChilli Migrate Resume Parser Data

Migrate Resume Parser Data

Taxonomy/List of Value Mapping

Taxonomy/List of Value Mapping

RChilli Enriched Data

Enriched Data


Job Parser Data

Job Parser Data

Bypass the risk of losing potential candidate data with
RChilli data migration in Oracle!

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