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Attract more candidates with the RChilli resume parsing plugin


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44+ Countries | 30+ Languages | 
Fast 300ms Parsing Speed

An Agile Recruitment Software that helps you Stay Ahead of your competitors!

Trim down the cost and manual effort invested on data entry and fishing out candidates and their database with RChilli Resume Parser. Our fastest and accurate parser delivers a catalog of candidates without compromising on quality and performance.

Regardless of what you’re looking for, scalability, an all-in-one solution, or the one that seamlessly integrates with your Peoplesoft recruiting platform, our resume parser can bring out the precise information you’re looking for in a pool of candidates.

What once was a relentless task to review individual resumes by hand was quickly relieved by the arrival of resume parser that greatly reduced the workload of many recruitment firms.

-Rupak Thummala, Chief Product Officer, Vultus Inc.

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RChilli will take care of your complete data migration, including documents, content, strategy, development. It is Seamless, Safe, and Secure.


Who Needs Data Migration?

Every ATS gets two types of customers. One who starts using ATS for the first time, and the other who is migrating from other ATS/CRM applications. 



  • Can be cloud-hosted or installed locally on the servers

  • Parse CVs in any file format

  • Process single and bulk resumes

  • Fetch and manage resumes from multiple email inboxes

  • Automatically create Peoplesoft candidate profiles

  • Parse CVs in multiple languages without any additional expense

  • Unmatched sales support and service



  •  Seamless integration within your talent ecosystem

  •  A 1-click application procedure that enhances the completion rate to 85%

  • Manual data entry slashed by 89%

  • A candidate data feed that can be reused, reducing lead generation media costs by 28%.

  • An unbiased global recruitment

  • An enhanced recruiter productivity with a reduced hiring tenure of 4 hours from 45 days.

  • A valued human capital management platform.


Key Elements that Define our Resume Parser

Sophisticated Data Security

As a data processor, we have very clearly defined roles and take them quite seriously. Understanding the necessity of safeguarding the data, we allow you to store it in your own data center. We are GDPR compliant, and ISO 27001 certified, SOC 2 certified ensuring that we are committed to honoring your data privacy.




Precise & Fast

RChilli resume parser is a perfect blend of accuracy and speed. It’s easy to manage the resumes from multiple recruitment email inboxes while handling the CVs in multiple languages at no additional cost. This gives you an opportunity to tag candidates and conduct advanced searches based on the location, job title, company, etc.

A Fully Automated Functionality

Our resume parser can be installed locally on your server or can be cloud-hosted. The candidate profiles are created automatically in Peoplesoft, while the resumes can be parsed in any file format. 

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Refer and Earn with RChilli Referral program that includes a trackable dashboard for the prospects that you refer. And, because every partner is different, we focus on developing collaborative selling relationships that encompass the RChilli business model. 

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