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Bulk Import

If you are getting a resume/job feed from a partner site or have other resume/job data sets, bulk import is
the perfect option for you. It allows RChilli’s resume/JD parser to parse multiple resumes/JDs in a go. All you need to do is upload
multiple resumes/JDs to the given FTP, and you will get the extracted information in seconds.


How Can Bulk Import Fit into Your Business?

benefits of JD parser

Bulk parsing of resume feed imported from a partner

benefits of JD parser

Parse multiple job descriptions in one go and get the structured data

                    How Does Bulk Import Help You?


Easily import millions of resumes/jobs overnight

bulk import 3

Customer delight

What Will You Get through Bulk Import?

bulk import1

Save Coding Efforts

bulk import-cost effective

Low Cost Setup

client onboarding

Shorten Client Onboarding

RChilli’s Average Speed of Parsing Resumes in Bulk

No. of Pages (CV)





Parsing Time

1.5 seconds

2.5 seconds

5.0 seconds

10.0 seconds

About RChilli

RChilli is the most trusted partner for Parsing, Matching, and Data
Enrichment for Global Recruiting Platforms. Its clients are ATS, job boards, and
enterprises who need the ability to parse large amounts of resumes/jobs in a
scalable manner. They get perfect candidates quickly by using its automated
parsing, matching, and scoring system.


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