Multilingual Parsing Solution For Oracle Recruiting

A Parsing Solution For Enhanced Candidate & Recruiter Experience


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RChilli Resume Parser in Oracle HCM
For Next-Generation Recruitment Solutions

RChilli resume parser + Oracle HCM Cloud Profile Import Plugin simplifies the recruitment process through smart automation and streamlines hiring to introduce efficiency in the hiring practices. Powered by deep learning, the ISO 27001:2013 and SOC 2 Type II certified resume parsing solution enriches the HR spectrum by helping organizations hire faster. Our multi-lingual & AI-powered resume parser enhances positive candidate experience by enabling a better application completion rate and building a diversified team of skilled professionals.

RChilli Resume Parser In Oracle HCM
Redesigning The Role Of HR


Improve Positive Candidate Experience

Let your candidates apply to the job faster and easier in just a click. RChilli’s resume parser in Oracle HCM enhances candidate experience by enabling candidates to upload their resume and apply to a job in less than ten seconds. Our AI-driven technology fetches all the relevant information like education, qualification, experience, skills, etc., and stores the information in the database. Candidates, thus save time refilling the resume information.


Expand The Talent Pool With Multilingual Parsing

Powered by deep learning, RChilli's resume parser for Oracle HCM encourages building a highly skilled and diverse team. Increase the skilled talent pool with an opportunity to hire global candidates. Our parser is engineered to parse resumes in 25+ languages ascertaining that the data fetched from the resumes, no matter the language, bridges the gap between a recruiter and a proficient candidate.


Collate Candidate Information With Data-fields Extraction

The AI-driven resume parser is designed to uncover the industry talent faster through an objective-based decision-making process that’s pre-defined by skilled hiring. The parser maps all the 27+ fields offered by Oracle HCM on the candidate profile and auto-populates the relevant skills that match the job requirement. To add value to skilled hiring, RChilli allows the Oracle clients to customize the selection process by adding custom fields from the library of 140+ data fields.


Access To Resumes Shared In Multiple Formats

RChilli resume parser in Oracle HCM is designed to give the HR leaders an access to proficient candidates who share resumes in different formats. Irrespective of the document format including DOC, DOCX, PDF, RTF, TXT, ODT, HTM and HTML, DOCM, DOTM, DOT, DOTX, recruiters don’t have to worry about either investing valuable manual hours converting the resumes to a particular format or losing skilled candidates.


Hassle-free Implementation in Less Than 10 Minutes

A solution built for Oracle HCM cloud users; the implementation program is as uncomplicated as it can be. A less than 10-minute set-up that comes with a free 30 days proof of concept helps you retain quality candidates. Let your developers focus on the core recruitment workflows and let RChilli manage the integration process.


A Dedicated Account Manager For Customer Support

There can be instances where a recruiter faces a set-up issue, maintenance issue, or a bug that introduces technical glitches. RChilli’s customer support team, in instances like these, is steadfast towards offering assistance and technical support 24/5 without any add-on charges.