Why RChilli

Everyone asks us what’s there in the name, RChilli? We wanted to give an interesting name to our company to signify our mission.

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About Team

Our strength lies in our team. We would like you to know who we are and how we keep teamwork as a priority to achieve success.

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Why We Made

So, what’s our story?

We came across a time when we observed that the top players in the HR tech industry were termed as premium brands for the Indian industry. Investing $60,000-1,50,000 per year on parsing was out of the question. This motivated us to bring a solution which could become a perfect fit for the Indian market. Our focus centered on entering into small segments so that it is accessible to everyone.

We chose ‘Blue Ocean’ to be our target segment as it has a broader and deeper potential in the market space. After interviewing 60-70 consumers of HR technology, we realized that a resume parser was slowly becoming a pre-requisite for accelerating the recruitment process. That is the point when we decided to make a mark in resume parsing and analytics, and introduced the API model. Since then, there was no looking back.

And, here we are! Today, we are the leaders in making this software a common solution for HR tech market. In fact, it was RChilli who launched SAAS

We are proud to be associated with hundreds of customers in 31 countries across the globe.

Why The Name

Well, the explanation is as exciting as the name is.

Just as a Chilli brings taste to the food by adding spiciness into it, RChilli transforms the way you look at a resume.

‘R’ surely stands for ‘Resume’ whereas ‘Chilli’ refers to the spiciness hidden inside the food. Similarly, we identify the hidden aspects of the resume which makes us a must-have solution for every recruitment management system.

Here are a few scenarios which show how we bring out the hidden elements of the resume.

  • When the candidate forgets to mention his skills, we provide the skills with the help of our taxonomy.
  • When the candidate mentions similar skills, we help you to get the exact skill of that alias.
  • While applying when the candidate doesn’t specify the complete information or skips a skill or education, we fill this gap area by taking the data from the resume.

Our new enrichment marketplace also provides more details about candidates by fetching required information from different data providers.

About Team

About Team

 RChilli Family!
Say ‘Hello’ to RChilli Family!

Someone has rightly said; TEAM means ‘Together Everyone Achieves More’. We second this philosophy, believe in teamwork and attribute our success to our team.

Started in 2010 with a group of individuals, RChilli now comprises of a team of 30 individuals who are motivated, passionate, fun-loving and curious to learn more every day. We have a perfect fusion of creativity and technical intelligence to ensure we create recruitment analytics solutions with the finest detail.

With offices in US and India, we are a global entity and relish diversity in our team. Our teammates are from different geographical backgrounds, bringing their culture along with them.

We believe in working hard and celebrating once a project is executed well. Together, we celebrate success and stand by each other through thick and thin.

Regular training is a part of our work culture. Learning has no end, and we continue to improve our skills through professional training.

When you work with us, each team member becomes a part of your project and contributes the best.