RChilli Launches 
LLM Parser(βeta)

Redefining Resume Parsing and Recruitment Dynamics

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Leading the way in recruitment tech, RChilli LLM Parser offers revolutionary parsing solutions, setting new standards with its cutting-edge advancements.

The RChilli LLM Parser leverages ChatGPT's advanced capabilities, merging RChilli's specialized industry expertise with ChatGPT. This cutting-edge combination significantly improves parsing technology, boosting recruiters' productivity and proficiency while saving their valuable time.

STEPS TO USE LLM PARSER: Please refer to this comprehensive guide to know how to use the LLM parser.

Why RChilli LLM Parser

Why RChilli LLM Parser?

  • Optimal Accuracy: Excels at analyzing resumes with unparalleled accuracy compared to human capabilities that save time.
  • Advanced Deep Learning: Understand complex language structures accurately.
  • Semantic Comprehension: Goes beyond keywords, grasping context and relationships.
  • Continuous Innovation: Regular updates ensure cutting-edge capabilities for precise results.
  • Multilingual Support: Parses resumes in multiple languages seamlessly.

How Do You Get Access to RChilli LLM Parser?

Accessing the RChilli LLM Parser is quite easy. Sign up with us and refer to this comprehensive guide to know how to use LLM parser. This ensures a user-friendly experience in utilizing our advanced parsing capabilities.


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