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RChilli’s LLM Parser merges our industry-leading parsing platform and expertise with the advanced deep learning capabilities of a large language model (ChatGPT). The result: a resume/CV parsing solution that continuously improves its understanding of your team’s searches for relevant talent and then uses that knowledge to continuously deliver better matches.


Smarter Parsing 
with Every Use

Our LLM resume and CV parser grows smarter over time, thanks to its deep learning and semantic comprehension capabilities. Each time your team puts it to use, our LLM parser improves its grasp of the context and intent behind your searches for relevant talent. And, as it does, you get increasingly better results.

Benefits of LLM Parser


A Deeper Level of 

Our LLM resume parser analyzes candidate qualifications, skillsets, and experiences in ways that go far beyond mere data extraction to provide your recruiters with deeper insights for their hiring and talent deployment decisions.


Nonstop Improvements & Updates

Continuous advancements in AI research and regular updates by RChilli ensure that our LLM parsing solution remains at the cutting edge of revolutionary talent recruitment.



Unlike many other LLM parsers that are English-only, our solution effortlessly parses resumes in 40+ languages*.




You’ll enjoy the other benefits of our AI-powered platform including more streamlined and responsible hiring … improved recruiter and candidate experiences … increased recruiter efficiency and productivity … and substantial time and effort savings for your team.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

The fact that we can work with RChilli as a partner and a company to continuously improve resume data accuracy over time is incredible.

Jim-Klien-Review-About-RChilli Resume Parser

Jim Klien

Sr. Director-Technical Solutions, Phenom

RChilli has been a game-changer for the company, enabling us to seamlessly transform unstructured candidate data into structured information that powers our innovative solutions. 



CEO, impress.ai

With RChilli, the ability to parse multiple resumes quickly has significantly streamlined our client's operations and improved the overall effectiveness of their recruitment efforts.


Erika Clifford

Co-Founder - Just Recruit

Our team has reduced resume screening time by 70%, improving client service and time-to-fill rates by 25-35%.


Michael Yinger

CEO, Resume Sieve

Kovasys is thrilled to integrate with RChilli and has experienced significant time and cost savings. Our recruiters now save 2-3 hours per week, resulting in monthly savings of thousands of dollars, making our processes highly cost-effective.

Alex Kovalenko Reviews About RChilli

Alex Kovalenko

Director of IT Recruitment

With the help of RChilli, recruiters productivity has been significantly boosted. Now, they can save up to 90-95% of their time.


Sujit Singh

CEO, Sharedpro