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HR is rarely on holiday as they have to work even on holidays or for the holidays itself for rest of staff. A lot of efforts go behind the scenes by HR to keep the show running even on holidays. This may be planning holiday pay, organizing parties, tracking leave records, preparing list of gifts, hiring new employees for the festive season, and be it legal compliance of all the procedures to be followed on holidays.

We’ve gone through all the posts online and assimilated the best ones for our readers. Have a look!

Questions on Alcohol and liability, Handling Holiday gifts and bonuses

First things First. Holiday means booze, high on alcohol, partying and all adult beverages. Lot of HRs’ around have complained how they have to go through difficult situations, uneasiness and awkwardness while arranging these parties. Then comes the gifts, bonuses and other sorts of compliments from our employers during this season and there is no harm in expecting it. For handling holiday gifts and bonuses this season, or if you’ve a question on Alcohol and liability then read this fantastic post by @NatWestMentor  on their blog.

Coming back to the season of headaches. Oh! I mean holiday season. To ease the pain of headaches and solve the complexity of work, read the post by @ADP, sharing with us @BrendaRoeWeaver and @Lainie4Life on twitter . You get to read here about overtime implications, types of bonuses, provision of non discretionary bonus over the weeks, taxes and payroll, conflicts of interest related to accepting and giving gifts, and lastly how to manage employee expectations well. Read it here.

If you’re looking for a detailed description on holiday pay, then this FAQ section is apt for you.

Best Practices by Featured companies

@BalancePointNJ Payroll bringing us the office holiday party best practices. We, seriously, don’t want to fret about office parties and be it Christmas holiday parties that are most dreaded parties. So, don’t talk about work, make it seasonal not religious, limit access to alcohol, quick action teams to address any problems that may arise, and please don’t force the attendance. Read the post on blog

@Insperity will help us make our policies holiday proof this season amiably as mentioned on their blog, they’ve shared amazing ways to pull off the holiday season without any hitch this year. Prefer winter as your theme over religious, make attendance optional, take care of the overtime and bonuses, go for diversity and inclusive theme that is more inclined towards  a diverse workforce, be careful in giving time off and exercise this with utmost caution, and most important, start preparing early.

@worksmartpeo systems shared their expertise and best practices on holiday season via post titled HR tips for a successful holiday season; reminder to PTO policies and procedure,  making  it fun-frolic event, keeping  holidays neutral and for all, and ensuring the employee engagement remains maximum during the preparation as well as entire season.

Shopping New Talent during Holiday Season

And if you’re looking to hire this season, read the post on @SHRM on casting a net on Holiday workers. Retailers have to beef up the staff during the holiday season to meet the rise in demand.

@TLNT_com also in their post brings cues to HR for shopping talent during holiday season. Be like a consumer for a while, spot the best talent nearby as you’ll get to know about their customer service. Every New Year brings job changes for so many people; you might try to leverage the change. It can also act as benchmark for you to ascertain customer service standards for your upcoming team.

Manager's worst party moments at Holiday parties.

Next one is funny! You definitely don’t want to miss. Turning a dance contest into a brawl, opening someone else’s gift, throwing food, sleeping under the table, falling into the swimming pool while drunk, using obscene language, announcing resignations are just a few of the embarrassing moments shared by the managers in recent Robert Half Survey of financial executives. The managers must maintain safe distance and higher level of professionalism while showing different sides of their personalities in holiday parties.

Manager’s worst party moments is brought to you by Connecticut and Industry Association @cbianews and @HRHotline on their blog.

Podcast on Incident-free holiday parties

If you’re fond of podcasts, then we’ve got one for you. The HR Works Podcast covers topics to make your employees’ holiday party festive, safe and incident free. It was given by Chris Ceplenski on Tuesday, November 1st, 2016. You’ll also hear Michelle Lee Flores of Cozen O’Connor sharing her insights on all aspects of employee litigation, jury and bench trials, arbitration, mediation, and many more crucial topics. @Projections  @HRDailyAdvisor

Tracking Holiday leaves

If you’re looking for a solution that can simplify time and labor management, then count on Execupay. It is all about no fuss, hassle free timekeeping, leave management, time and payroll archives, compliance management, and customizable reporting. @Execupay

 Holiday bonuses planning

75% of companies are planning to give out holiday bonuses in 2016, what about yours? The information is taken from the report published by Rests of the companies are trying to provide benefits other than monetary benefits. Have a look at their infographic, explaining clearly how holiday bonuses impact employees. @Mag_HR

Navigating holiday workforce challenges

The next post  helps small business owners to navigate their business successfully in holiday season. The post includes ways to navigate holiday pay, creating time-off policies, plans for the holiday party, and setting the gift giving standards. @entrepreneurind @TaggartScot

Last, help others!

Don’t forget the power of helping others as promulgated by @TheDavisCos. Holidays can be the best time to give back to the families of your employees, recognize their contributions in form of bonus, gifts and congratulating the entire team for doing all of this together. Engagement is a big thing for any business today and holidays are just the perfect time to boost engagement practices at workplace. Good luck with your engagement efforts. Read here the entire post.

Well, we tried our best to cover all aspects of this holiday season with reference to HR, its role and duties. We’d love to hear what we missed and read your comments. Drop us a line at for any questions regarding our services, contribution and partnership in Recruitment space within HR.

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