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Best of the Best, HR Trends 2017

December 14, 2016 by dev

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There is still time left for us to enter into 2017,  but social media has already gone berserk about the HR trends. There are plenty of them online, don’t know which one is relevant and would come true. But the Industry thinkers and predictors are on their head over heels when it comes to disclosing trends for the upcoming year.

We’ve done the heavy duty work of sorting the most relevant and effective posts on HR trends 2017 doing rounds online. Let’s have a look!

HR Trend Institute came out with the post on HR trends 2017 in November which in fact made the headlines and attracted many netizens related to HR on its blog. The trends which they stressed upon were Consumerization, Performance Consulting, from Individuals teams to networks of teams, Man Machine collaboration, Algorithm aversion, HR Operations, Data ownership, the end of open space, battle of the apps, and last they listed multiple trends from which you can pick on your own.

Human Resources Today has opted for a complete page dedicated to HR trends section 2017 where information is sourced from all popular blogs mentioning their thoughts. The list includes posts from Ultimate Software, blog by Derek Irvine, Paycor, UrbanBound HR, Get Happy, Globoforce, TalentCulture, SuccessFactors, Everwise, NGA Human Resources, HR Daily Advisor, Datis, TLNT, HR Zone, Entelo, HR Marketer, The Employer Handbook, HR Morning, Dice, Astron Solutions, HR capitalist and many more. You must check this page, a sheer delight to read.

Forbes shared its insight about workplace trends 2017 in November, written by Dan Schawbel. He listed 10 in total trends affecting the HR. Out of them, candidate-employee experience, blended workforce, annual reviews to continuous reviews, Millennials meeting Generation Z in workplace, AI revolutionizing the recruiting and training, employee and employer contracts, focusing  on team rather than individual, workplace wellness and benefit, employee packages and perks, office attire and workplace culture becoming more casual.

Successors declared HR trends 2017 earlier this year in September, though they were the first one to do it before anyone else did it. Read the trends here. Data-driven recruiting, relationship instead of programs, keeping employee skills up to date, company culture and employee engagement a new priority, improving employees experience, focus on resilience and well-being, developing human side of business, analyzing big data, business consolidation, and last, how the workplace performance is reviewed.

Law support Group from the UK shared its expertise via trends affecting businesses in UK in a post, published in September. According to the report, businesses will try to keep their employees happy in 2017 as their priority apart from health and well-being, welcoming next generation of management, booming of Part Time and Freelancers, Automation the buzz word, and Digital Recruitment and Data.

Bersin coining their trends as disruptions for the year 2017 has cut down the numbers from ten to nine, a bit unusual but to the point in terms of technology disrupting the HR. The trends highlighted are revolution in performance management, real-time engagement evaluation and it’s mix of performance and feedback, explosion of growth in People Analytics, learning market, a new landscape for Talent Acquisition, Growth in contingent workforce management, inclusion of team management tools and their merger with HR tools, wellness and fitness apps, and finally Digital HR inclusive of Self Service, Artificial Intelligence, and Robotic Process Automation.

HR Tech Central has assimilated posts related to HR technology trends 2017 in the same manner as of Human Resources today, but the contributors are entirely different here. The contributors are Better Buys, Success factors, People Strategy, Entelo, Technology for talent, Blogging for jobs, and HR Capitalist.

HR in Asia and HR Katha have covered trends somewhat similar to Bersin. Still, read for former and latter here.

More-n-More trends have been cited but it is more or less the same trends illustrated above. The trends listed above are compiled from the most trusted and authenticated resources on HR, technology, and software. It’s the right time for every organization to include these trends in their strategy and plan accordingly for the year 2017.

Trends are helpful but equally disruptive while we incorporate them. Hope you enjoyed reading them. For any questions, write to us at team@old2016.rchilli.com


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