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November 22, 2016 by dev

Having data is not sufficient. You need actionable data, on which you can take swift decisions, even before your competitor shortlists the same resume. Recruitment today happens at lightning speed with the incoming of automated software in HR, which even Rchilli does. Technology to hiring is an enabler for figuring out the best talent from the lot; quicker and faster.

Semantic is not a buzzword anymore, but it is the only software working behind the scenes in every good hiring software that does the job of selecting the best fits, from all over the world. The true potential of a CV database, in fact, comes out with semantic software. No more looking for broken, loose-ended recruiting processes when semantic can directly be integrated into your existing software with zero hassle.

NASA, BBC, World Bank, Google, Dell and many other companies are using semantic in one form or the other. 

According to a recent survey done by SHRM, organizations are struggling to fill jobs owing to the dearth of technical skills and shortage of qualified candidates or it might be your existing software lacks the desired semantic capabilities to unearth the best fits from CV database.

For those situations, Rchilli has a Semantic add-on feature for you with inbuilt parsing module, so that you never miss on the right talent, ever again. Such is the efficiency of our power-packed Semantic add-on that it empowers you with enterprise-class features and capabilities.

Today Recruiters must perform intricate searches on many databases which pose to be a real challenge. It takes a lot of time to repeat the same query on each database with limited keywords and Boolean strings.

Vinay Johar, CEO of RChilli, totally agrees with a post published on Fortune dotcom that says, there are enough of jobs and plenty of people, but they are not just connecting. And out of them, majorities (75 percent) of them are passive jobseekers who are not looking for work presently. What more, according to McKinsey, we can add $2.7 trillion in global GDP by better matching people and jobs.

Semantic can sort skills alphabetically, by the frequency of use and by rating it under different heads; expertise, Industry relevant, tools and competencies. We have created amazing taxonomy on skills and the normalization is done keeping the quality and accuracy part.

With semantic, job description converts to search, gets stored in database and looks for profiles matching the criteria. This can be done very well from external sources as well. A systematic and efficient way to get candidates faster and onboard talent are using semantic in existing hiring solutions.

Rchilli with Semantic can effectively match talent to a specific role. Matching jobs to Cv and Cv’s for jobs have become much easier. Our clients have repeatedly hailed our services as best in output and performance.

For more information on our Semantic solutions, please contact our sales team at or dial +1 877 572-7737, +44 203 514-1181.


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