Why Your Recruiting Software Should Be Social

December 01, 2015 by dev

and they are able to adapt as their industry changes. This change happens all the time in recruitment, as the dawn of the internet keeps changing the game. True enough, old, traditional recruitment processes are quickly being replaced by updated, innovative, and current recruitment methods. What exactly are these methods?

Recruiting through social media is probably the most rampant. Companies know that a candidate’s resume has important information, things that will really come in handy when the time to decide comes. However, they also know that the resume is NOT the only source of information. They understand that candidates have a social media presence, where they share things about their life. More often than not, the candidate’s social media profiles provide more information than the resume they submitted.

This is exactly why Rchilli has Social Profile Search. Recruiters get a closer and deeper look into each candidate through that candidate’s social media presence. For instance, a candidate’s Facebook profile will be included in the recruitment process. The candidate’s likes, comments, and overall profile speak volumes about him. Thus, HR agencies and hiring companies get to know more the candidate before they hire him.

Background checks and investigations become much easier with Rchilli’s Social Profile Search. Companies save a ton of money while extracting the same amount of information, if not more. Thus, it really pays to look into the social media profiles of candidates. This can be easily done through Rchilli.

Rchilli recognizes the importance of LinkedIn, the leading professional network online. LinkedIn is used by 9 out of 10 companies for their hiring needs. Also, Facebook and Twitter are gaining ground, with companies using them 66% and 54% of the time, respectively.

The results are astounding. 73% of candidates that are hired used social media to apply. This is because companies get a better feel on the candidate, even before his first day on the job. As early as that stage in the recruitment process, job matching success is guaranteed. That is what Rchilli does, and with its Social Profile Search undergoing continuous research and development, more and more matches will be made in the long run.

Social media is not just for fun and leisure. It’s a powerful tool, and companies can utilize this tool with the use of Rchilli.

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