Watch an Exclusive Interview with Eddie Aizman, CEO-bowmo, sharing his experience of working with RChilli

This video explains why bowmo chose to work with RChilli and why do they continue to have this wonderful association with us.

It feels great to know that bowmo considers us as their trusted partner and appreciates the way we deliver services to our clients.

We are proud that bowmo can deliver better value to its customers by using our intelligent solutions.

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RChilli resume parser for Bowmo

Case Study - How ConnectDott Provided Better Results to its Customers with RChilli?

bowmo was looking for a solution to parse a large amount of resumes in a scalable manner.

With the help of RChilli’s resume parser, bowmo can now

  • Easily onboard its clients
  • Delivers better value to clients 

Download this case study to know how bowmo simplified the recruitment process for its customers. 

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Customer Speaks-Why bowmo chose RChilli?

It feels awesome when your customers appreciate your services and show faith in you.

What made RChilli stand out from the rest of the vendors with whom bowmo was already in touch?

Here are the top 3 reasons why bowmo chose RChilli.


About Bowmo

bowmo is an intelligent software solution provider (bowmo: SaaS) driven by AI-based machine learning for the staffing and recruiting industry. It seamlessly integrates into existing ATS — applicant tracking systems and third-party candidate pools. bowmo embraces the challenges of the recruiters by providing the means to quicker, more efficient, and conversant candidate sourcing. 

The company acquired Mainz in November 2017 and now offers Recruiting as a Service (bowmo: RaaS) which allows clients to outsource the management of the software. bowmo facilitates a comprehensive and faster search freeing the recruiter’s time to speak to candidates and stakeholders.


"RChilli team is available 24x7 and goes above and beyond to help its clients. Whether it is the CEO of RChilli or any other team member; everyone is just a call away."

Eddie Aizman,


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