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Watch an exclusive interview of Alex Kovalenko, Director-IT Recruitment at Kovasys, sharing his experience working with RChilli.

Alex gives an overview of what made them work with RChilli and why they like working with us so much.

Kovasys has a long association with RChilli, and we are ecstatic that we are exceeding the expectations of the organizations we are affiliated with.

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How Kovasys Saved its Recruiters’ Time with RChilli?

Kovasys was looking for a resume parsing partner so that the recruiters could stop wasting their time on manually entering resume data in the ATS.

With RChilli resume parser, recruiters at Kovasys can see candidate information in a structured format, making it easy for them to shortlist candidates.

Download this case study to know how Kovasys was able to save the recruiter’s time on manually entering candidate information and find relevant talent for the job.

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A Customer's Perspective - How did Kovasys benefit from RChilli? 

At RChilli, we believe that putting customers first is always a promising approach for business. 

RChilli is committed to ensuring an amazing experience for its clients with its breakthrough HR Tech solutions. Our customers' appreciation is what matters most to us.

We are delighted when our clients share their success stories about the incredible outcomes they've had with our products. Read this article to know why Kovasys chose us and what it likes about RChilli.


About Kovasys

Kovasys is an IT recruitment agency, and since its inception in 2005, it has placed numerous technology candidates in IT jobs in Canada and the USA.

For over 15 years, they have recruited IT talent for clients of various sizes and industries, from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Their technical recruiters can assist your company in hiring system administrators, developers, DevOps, technical support, mobile, backend, front end, full-stack, user interface, and UX talent, and positions in machine learning and artificial intelligence.


"We are impressed with the functionalities and features of RChilli products. We just love their products."

Alex Kovalenko,

Director of IT Recruitment

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