Watch an Exclusive Interview with Kiran Kumar, Founding Member, and Chief Global Markets, PeopleStrong sharing his experience on working with RChilli.

In this video, Kiran shares why PeopleStrong loves working with RChilli and what makes them share a long-term relationship with us.

We are delighted to know that PeopleStrong acknowledges us as their trusted partner and is happy with our services.

It feels great to know that they could deliver better value to their customers by using our intelligent solutions.

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Case Study - How PeopleStrong Delivered Better Value to its Customers with RChilli Solutions?

PeopleStrong was looking for a partner who could bring in automation into their process so that the recruiter would not have to leave their product landscape.

RChilli resume parser helps PeopleStrong by effectively parsing resumes in real-time and enhances their user experience by providing structured data.

Download this case study to know how PeopleStrong now delivers better value to its customers. 

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Customer Speaks - Why PeopleStrong Likes Working with RChilli?

It feels great when your customers appreciate you and your work. RChilli gives value to a  long-term relationship by keeping the customers at its priority. We feel glad that we are able to serve our customers with our exceptional products and services. Read this article to know three specific reasons that make PeopleStrong trust us.


About PeopleStrong

PeopleStrong is Asia’s leading Work and HR Technology company, headquartered in India. With almost a million users from 450+ enterprises across industries, PeopleStrong impacts the people productivity and experience agenda of enterprises. Its product suite includes next-gen applications in the space of HR Technology (Talent Acquisition, Human Capital Management, Talent Management), Productivity, Analytics and Platform. Known for its penchant to innovate, PeopleStrong has many firsts to its name, the recent one being the application of Machine Learning in Recruitment and Employee Experience. 


"RChilli gives value to a long-term relationship by keeping the customers at its priority."

Kiran Kumar,

Founding Member & Chief Global Markets -PeopleStrong


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