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Watch an exclusive interview with Mak Karim (Director), Recruit Genie, sharing his experience on working with RChilli.

It is always good to know that our customers are happy with our services and we are able to meet their expectations.

This video explains why Recruit Genie considers us as their trusted partner and what are the reasons they chose us. 

Watch this video to know what were the challenges of Recruit Genie and how our solution helped them get remarkable results.

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Customer Speaks- Top 3 Amazing Benefits Recruit Genie Got from Using RChilli

RChilli is committed to making a positive impact on the lives of its customers with its intelligent solutions. Our success is hinged on our intelligent solutions, a rich understanding of customers’ needs, and a robust technology framework.

It feels great to know that our customers are happy with our services. We feel proud when our customers speak highly of us and appreciate our hard work.

Read this article to know three benefits that Recruit Genie experiences by using RChilli.


About Recruit Genie

The Recruit Genie HR platform specialises in talent acquisition, vacancy management, onboarding and succession planning. The intuitive interface is designed to minimise time spent recruiting, reduce the cost of hiring, ensuring compliance and maximising retention. Recruit Genie’s platform has revolutionised the processes within HR for all our clients.


“The experience that RChilli has in Resume/CV parsing is second to none. I definitely recommend it to other users.”

Mak Karim,

Director-Recruit Genie