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Meet Our Team

Vinay Johar

Vinay is the mind behind RChilli. As a CEO of the company, his clear vision and never-say-die attitude is the reason behind RChilli’s success. A happy and jovial person, he is an inspiration for all. He loves reading and reciting poetry.

Vinod Kumar Bhardwaj

Vinod stands strong with RChilli since its inception. As a CTO, he is the technology voice of the company and the man behind technology strategy development. When not in office, he makes sure to pursue his passion for adventure and exercise daily without fail.

Vikesh Kumar

Vikesh brings his valuable experience to RChilli in software design, analysis and maintenance. Give him a problem and he flashes his smile that takes away half of the trouble. A self-motivated individual, he always takes initiatives to learn new skills.

Sneh Lata

Sneh is a pillar of strength for RChilli. She leaves no stone unturned while contributing to the company’s growth. Her timely guidance and suggestions have always proved to be valuable. Her dedicated and organized approach towards work is a source of encouragement for the entire team.

Lovepreet Dhaliwal

Fun..Fierce..Energetic: this is Lovepreet who builds new customer relationships in a go. Meet him at your office, an event or talk over the phone, he will hit the bull’s-eye with his quick, apt and relevant conversations. An avid PC gamer and a Rubik Cube enthusiast, he is also a follower of Zen Buddhism.

Inderpal Singh

Inder is known for cracking jokes in the office and making everyone laugh. He is the one who implements new technologies and ensures proper code optimization and execution of scrums and sprints. Inder has an obsession for cars and has a unique collection of the same at home.

Jitender Thakur

He is the first one to reach office without fail. Being a System Administrator, his attention to detail and thorough knowledge about his field makes system installation process a smooth breeze. Come hell or high water, Jitender is always there when it comes to commitment with clients.

Pardeep Singh Batra

Pardeep is the jack of all trades and master of all. Though handling and managing accounts is his forte, his desire to learn and passion to excel makes him a multi-tasker. Apart from counting numbers, he is an amazing singer who can create a song out of nothing instantly.

Kamaljit Kaur

Kamaljit loves to talk and everyone loves talking to her. She takes care of all the operations of data analyst team. Her eye for detail never creates any resume fixing error. When not in office, she likes to connect with the history and keeps herself abreast with current news.

Paramdeep Singh

Paramdeep inspires to be innovative, focused and result-oriented. He heads the marketing department and is always brimming with new and bright ideas. With a never-tiring attitude, he is always the first one to break the ice with a new client. 

Navjot Kaur

The tallest girl in the office (till now), Navjot ensures positive brand building of RChilli through her writing. She writes content which becomes the face of the company. Her idea to relax is sitting on a couch on a bright, sunny day with a book in hand and a cup of tea by her side.

Manoj Singh

Probably the youngest team member, Manoj is responsible for managing linux platform with database server. His funny and easy-going nature makes him a friend of all. A motor bike fan, he has got maximum injuries while riding but never gives up on his passion.

Snehil Sharma

Being in love with traveling her whole life, Snehil joined HR Tech Industry and became the technical writer by choice. She always ensures to pen down her enthusiasm in her words. She is an expressive writer and likes to write about intellectual stuff.

Shailja Pathania

A Ludo specialist or a Business Development specialist? Shailja is good at both. She is responsible for maintaining contact between the clients and Sales team and ensures constant engagement with them. She loves photography, singing and listening to music.

Shalini Khanduri

Shalini enjoys making a design come alive through her coding. She likes blending her technical user support background with her programming skills to blend and improve the application to have an active user focus. Outside work, Shalini loves to shop and has a passion for reading.

Priyanka Aggarwal

Priyanka manages the day-to-day operations of web researching by sorting out information and verifying correct information. After work, she works on her creative side by writing poems and painting and reading novels.

Nidhi Koundal

The youngest girl in the office, she can talk to you for hours. She is excited at the ability to work on a broad spectrum of website design and takes on a variety of different challenges each day, which she always sees as an opportunity to grow her skillsets.

Waris Majid

A calculative mindset gives him a sophisticated grasp on even the most theoretical aspects of programming. But his real passion comes when he applies his knowledge in building web programs. Apart from his professional front, he loves long drives in his town of valleys.

Meena Kumari

Meena is responsible for web research operations. Her strong focus and sense of accuracy helps her deliver desired results. A fitness freak, she makes sure to exercise when she gets time.

Manoj Kumari

A keen UNO player, she very intelligently sorts the cards as she sorts documents for cleaning our datasets. You can see her listening to everyone’s song requests as she has the control of music player in the office. Apart from playing cards, she likes reading books.

Gopal Thapa

Gopal is the incharge of housekeeping. He makes sure that proper cleanliness is maintained in the office and team gets basic food amenities on time. His honesty and patience makes him favorite among team. He is always admired for singing in Nepali.

Gurcharan Singh

Cheerful by nature, you will always see Gurcharan with a broad smile on his face. He puts the same energy while designing and developing web-based applications and programs. That’s the reason our applications are one of the best in the industry.

Charanjeet Singh

Popularly known as CJ, Charanjeet gives an impression of being an introvert who doesn’t talk much but under this mask lies a humorous personality. He is the one who supports the Sales team by identifying potential customers in the market and engaging them with the sales team. 

Atilesh Thakur

With a cute smile, Atilesh is the backbone of RChilli's social media. She adds her charm to work while interacting with clients through social media and leverages the power of social media through her promotional designs for the marketing team. An outspoken girl with a heart full of love and care is the charm of the RChilli family

Anil Thakur

Anil is responsible for web research operations in the office. His vast experience is definitely an asset to the company. In his free time, he likes reading and surfing digital media.

Amruta Singh

Amruta takes care of all SEO operations in the office. With standards set high, she ensures higher ranking of our websites on Google. Apart from work, she likes reading and maintaining her garden at home.

Manish Bhardwaj

Manish enjoys ensuring that things run smoothly and creates an operation strategy to keep his data-mining search on track. Manish is a self-motivated person who always keeps himself updated with new information about the HRTech industry.