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RChilli: A Bold Dream now becoming reality

First of all I like to say thanks to be with RChilli. I am here with another update about us. A lot of exciting things are happening at RChilli and I am sure you are familiar about the Industry. Both are doing wonders and making progress very fast.

I am excited to tell you about few major updates with RChilli

Last quarter we had a wonderful growth in business and Acquired few major players in Industry..

  1. Vanaworkforce Canada
  2. Wipro (India top IT Company, and we will be serving all across globe
  3. Peoplestrong
    and many more .. To be precise, we got 23 customer in last two months.

More over:
We have crossed the double digit market share in Indian subcontinent. With this success, we are striving for more to come....

Thank you, all of you, for partnering with us and keeping us motivated all the time.

Regarding product updates our new mantra is

Social Ready, Cloud Ready and Enterprise Ready .

For Enterprise: We already got customers.
For Cloud: We are ready with EC2, Rackspace, and many more.
And For Social: Please see below :)

Again a lot of exciting news:

  1. Social Recruit : We had spent a lot of time in coming to this, and now this dream is reality. Along with parser which provides you results with in 1.5 seconds (All Resume Parsed fields, Analysis Fields, and Social Fields) All comes with in 1.5 seconds. So no more waiting of 5 to 6 second per document. This is just phase 1, and there is lots more in store with new phases.... will keep you notified.
  2. Opening up our cloud platform to everyone.Our SaaS plans are now available starting from $30 per month onwards. A lot of exciting things are happening and coming up in our Cloud service.

Further, we are eager to talk to you. Drop an email to me or to the team and we would be glad to show you all our updates....

If you have not tested our product please do it now and please be open to discuss on how this can be useful to you.

Last but not least, in case you have some specific requirements, or recommendations for us, please do write to me .... I will be glad to do it.

And we are at HR Tech, feel free to call me at +1-408.201.9444 and lets setup to meet HR Tech.

Look forward for your continuous support