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Rchilli Meets CEIPAL

“A Business Networking Event on End to End Recruiting Needs”


4th February, Gurgaon, India- Four members of the Rchilli team (pictured right) attended a networking and information session hosted by CEIPAL a US-based recruitment automation company. The event was held at Hotel Rama Residency in Gurgaon, a tech hub slightly south of Delhi.

CEIPAL is one of RChilli’s many U.S. clients using their CV automation services. It was an honor for Rchilli have the opportunity to attend.

Rchilli is a global company with customers spread across sixteen countries and four continents. For this reason, Rchilli primarily maintains client relationships with the use of technology. Events like CEIPAL’s are valuable because they provide a space to build relationships face to face.

In their presentation, CEIPAL shared (among many other stats) that 40% of the IT consulting companies surveyed agree that being a strategic partner is an important priority. Looks like Rchilli and CEIPAL are headed in the right direction!

CEIPAL’s event provided a space for strategic partnerships to form by inviting top HR leaders to have the opportunity to mingle during the event, primarily at dinner and during breaks.

Most of the event consisted of educational presentations in which the audience was encouraged to contribute their experiences and problems faced in HR. All in all, the event was beneficial for anyone in HR looking to increase their strategic partnerships and learn cutting edge information on recruitment automation.