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RChilli resume parser: New features and Enhancements

To have a technology provider that can keep up with your dynamic business needs is an invaluable asset. Your business needs the versatility and scalability to grow and expand in the current ever-changing environment. At RChilli we build what you need and have worked like partner not just a vendor.

RChilli is now offering new features that are imperative for every business to have and these are only available to our customers.

  1. Enhanced Social Profiler - if you have tested it before then, now you get access to enhanced social profiler.
    This time you can use this as an independent plug-in into ATS/Job Boards and any other needs.
  2. Old Resume updater : After investing several man-hours of time and efforts we are now available with this product. If you have old resume database with you, then this will give you the latest profile of candidates. Contact us to know how we do this and try it out with your own database and see for yourself how this impacts your customers / database usage.
  3. Parse Global Resumes . You send us a resume file and we can auto detect the language, country, formats, mixture. Thanks to our new patent and new logic which has really changed the way we were processing earlier.
  4. The addition of multiple new languages including Chinese, Russian, and Croatian to RChilli parser’s arsenal means users can now count on RChilli for a wider coverage around the world when it comes to parsing resumes from diverse languages and regions.
  5. New products/ Features
    • Document converter - For converting legacy formats to any desired format.
    • Cover letter parsing – Do more and capture Candidate cover letter information along with parsing resumes

Winning customer trust

Our relentless efforts in giving you the best time and again has resulted in exponential progress by RChilli, evidenced by numerous new customer wins which includes popular names in recruitment industry like




RecruitmentWorx and many more..

CEO speak

“We have always strived to do more than our users expect, that is what has kept us competitive and even a step ahead than the rest. We have a number of new features lined up in the coming quarter, features that would change how a parser is perceived by users, bringing it closer to be a more complete solution for a recruitment cycle. Without giving away too much information, I would tell you that we are in the final phases of our integration with Social CRM and have significant integration plans to be released in a few weeks, which are focused on the candidate application process. ” -Vinay Johar, CEO, RChilli Inc

You can also connect with us at we will be glad to give you an end to end walkthrough, which makes you and your customers’ life easier and more productive.

Feel free to test our new updates below:
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