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RChilli Social Recruit - Giving you the edge over competitors!

RChilli is launching the much awaited "Social Recruit".

Let me take this opportunity to introduce our new tool.

Why Social Recruiting is a great tool?

  • In 2012, 80% of job openings are expected to be filled using Social Media.
  • Moreover, 94.5% of recruiters successfully hire candidates through LinkedIn, 42% from Twitter and 33% from Facebook.

Advantages of Social recruiting?

  • Recruit candidates who might not apply otherwise
  • Save Money on recruitment process
  • Target specific job level
  • Target specific skill set
  • Increases your Company's Brand Recognition as being Social Media friendly

Most of the companies use social media along with their dynamic hiring strategies to find talent.

It increases the quality of candidates and employers move to more accurate searches resulting in easier recruiting tasks.

How RChilli Social Recruit can help?

  • Provides you with links to social profiles of candidates on major social networks.
  • Finds the current company worked from social feed itself in real-time.
  • Much more to come in future versions.

The launch will be in a phased manner, and initially we are opening up a beta version only for our prestigious existing RChilli customers.

For your continued association and trust in RChilli we want you to benefit first from our Social Recruit.
We would be honoured to take you through a demo and hear your views about the new launch.