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RChilli Success and upcoming features in Social Recruiting

This is my 2nd letter in year 2012 writing about RChilli, Resume Parsing solution. I am very much excited with new things happening in RChilli.

Few successes which we are very much excited to share with you

  1. In last one quarter we have grown by 80%. Congrats to RChilli Team, enjoying this success. Larger number of customers have started choosing RChilli as Parsing Partner. And We welcome Sansung and Snapdeal as our valued partners.
  2. RChilli is shortlisted for Red Herring awards USA 2012. This is a great achievement for us and we look forward for more awards in coming days.
  3. We welcome all customers who left one of the Resume Parser competitor and joined RChilli as we added lot of value to them and helped increasing bottom line to their business.

Apart from this a lot of exciting things are happening like

  1. Release of Enterprise level product is very near. We have successfully implemented 3 enterprise level customers. After recognizing our customer needs and have improved our product and offerings. We are in the final phase of approval from Marketing and Engineering team and will be released shortly.
  2. Social Recruiting, RChilli Research team has made this possible, with an effort of 18 man months, we are releasing new parser which will help you to implement Social recruitment in your ATS and Job board. To begin with, it will be shared with our anchor customers and then private beta will be released by August 1st week. Public release will be in September2012.
  3. New languages: RChilli has taken a leap for Europeon languages. Portugese, French, Dutch, German are on verge of roll out. More are already part of our global roll out of API.

We wanted to share all these developments with all of you.

And I would like thank all of our customers, mentors and to those who have given us the directions to come to this level.

And more over we came with new pricing : Software on lease please connect with your relationship person to talk further.

Look forward to an new era of Social Recruiting with RChilli Resume Parser. For upgrades / new feature list send email at or you can contact to RChilli.